Nintendo Switch – More Games Anytime, Anywhere


  1. TheBitBlock

    "Old games, anytime, anywhere!"

  2. Zencored

    Great job Nintendo

  3. Give me Chicken nuggets

    I want the Sims 4 on it.

  4. Magnus Official

    If Fortnite isnt the only Online game that you are planning to play, don't bother buying!

  5. NintendoFanBoy07

    Over 1000 games? How many of those games are actually good?

  6. Mr. Demby

    When did the Smash logo finesse Mario of Nintendo's pfp?

  7. El Niño Polla

    Good reasons to not buy this console: Red Dead Redemption 2, Cyberpunk 2077, The Witcher 3, GTA V, Battlefield's, The Last Of Us Part 2, God of War, Spider-Man, Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 4, Kingdom Hearts, Metro Exodus, DMC 5, Rage 2… Huh i'm tired of this.

  8. Jay Davy

    What’s the song?

  9. James Cheng

    Be nice to be able to organize games better a the Home screen.

  10. ngoc tran

    123456789 AYYY

  11. ngoc tran

    CUT ME HERE <:::::::::::{::::::}

  12. Joshua Beesley


  13. Unknown Demons of the Future

    Dragon Ball FighterZ (PS4) is Better Than Nintendo Switch, I was Not Even Cool

  14. Unknown Demons of the Future

    I Still Hate Nintendo Switch Forever

  15. SiikFilms


  16. josh spears

    yes nintendo you will pass time but the next console ha I think no one will buy it unless it's equal to ps4 and Xbox

  17. Mahmoud Ehab


  18. Vice TOLUCT

    Games that are ruined by a terrible online serviceTOLUCT!

  19. Arthur José

    What's song is this?

  20. Aurnytoraink

    Did they register this music only for this ad ?

  21. Sedew

    If they don’t add Fortnite cringe references or dances, then it’s a good ad 🙂

  22. Zero Sami

    Mario maker and virtual console please
    Loving the console so far awesome little thing

  23. Akzui

    Where's the big boy games?

  24. killa blue

    Anyone else living the awesome switch life like the people in these commercials? My switch rarely leaves the house lol

  25. Bright Master

    Very good

  26. Roan Brady

    When you get a Nintendo add on a Nintendo add 🧐

  27. GOOD SIR

    Good job Nintendo. Now if only you improved your online services…

  28. PsychoSpark21

    just ditch nintendo switch online

  29. KakkaCarrotCake

    Its a port.

  30. Ferro Chrome


  31. Abdulla Al-Attiya

    1,000 GAMES!?

  32. Emil Naghdalyan

    Let's tell each other which Switch game we pre-ordered, shall we?

    3… 2… 1…


    Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu

  33. Ian Luna

    Have you noticed Nintendo changed their logo to a black and white smash ball

  34. Brandon Burrows

    You know, it's interesting how none of the advertisement has been kid-centric for this device. I wonder what the ramifications are. Obviously positive overall.

  35. Sonicice 24

    Very good but who takes there switch on the go?

  36. Alexmus The Gaming Boi

    Switch is good but Sadly I cant afford one 🙁

  37. DragonHero259

    mahda fucka it is not exscled to gameshit

  38. Xavier Kirkness

    I’m really excited for Smash Ultimate

  39. Nathan McCammon

    Do you guys not have Switches?

  40. SpoonX 1


  41. Retro-Crumble

    Like and I will subscribe to you

  42. Misogynist

    I'm going to be pirating a lot of games. I will not support Nintendo. #DealWithIt.

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