Nintendo Switch Battery Replacement-How To!

Has the battery on your Nintendo Switch died due to too much Breath of the Wild? Ours did, so today we are going to show you how to replace the battery on your Nintendo switch!

Buy the part from!

You need some specific tools for this repair!

Use a plastic card for prying up batteries!

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  1. Jose Perez

    Short and simple. Thanks!

  2. Rayon Williams

    Can you do one on replacing the charging port ?

  3. Is mayonnaise an instrument?

    wtf that's actually shockingly easy lol the only annoying part I guess is the tri-wing screw driver but apart from that.

  4. Renz star

    She blonde
    She pretty
    But most importantly,
    She repairs the battery

  5. Halin Haber

    Can I replace the Nintendo Battery for a high capacity one? Those two hours of gameplay is a real drag. and portable batteries are heavy.

  6. Walther Penne

    Just more proof of modern electronics failing badly…xD Hahaha! Well, you all get what you deserve 😉

  7. Dmitriy Pavlov

    you have hands like a man

  8. J.W. Ambrose

    I have a screw strip extremely badly any advise? all the rubber band and even super glue/epoxy didnt work and probably made it worst 🙁
    i use the ifixit tool kit though. probably the wrong bits… although the bit work for 3 others b4 i got to it. (the screw is on the side panel in the middle which is required to remove the back panel.

  9. Martin marty


  10. kishan palikhe

    why it not more thing in full just try sell things on like ad kind of .i m mobile techin for more 7 yr now but feel all so less infro

  11. FOOTBALL top five

    When your done or you giving it away

  12. Luke Sky

    Can you please start recording the actual reassembly process?

  13. Speed Racer

    awesome as always! thanx guys!

  14. Peter Špalek

    Instructions unclear. Link stucked on the tree.

  15. Juan

    Switching the Battery?

    Battendo Switch.

  16. Kashif Ehteasham

    Again a short video 😓😓😓 what the hell you are doing we want a longer video

  17. Naif Alqarni

    Change this female by the guy who actually doing the work!

  18. Shadow KillerEx

    show how to put back the battery….. idiots

  19. Emoticons

    And how you change the actual battery and get it back together is your problem now

  20. Vinay S. Shah

    How about showing us how to put it back together like jerryrig does.

  21. B- Rad

    It's refreshing to see a battery replacement video under 2 minutes.

  22. adobewanjerkobi

    Do you guys have a video showing how to replace the speakers? Mine are blown. 🙁 they sound awful

  23. Dodecanomicon

    Someone made a device without annoyingly gluing the battery in place? I can't believe it!

  24. Black Vegeta

    So where can we buy the battery?

  25. Adrián Pérez Portillo

    Muy poco pegada la he visto yo, ¿no? 🤔 En cualquier caso, buen vídeo 👍

  26. Tommy Cyclope

    i love the switch. Compaire to other tech device, we have the possibility to easily change batterie and others components and for this, i'm huge fan.

  27. T Justmetmc

    You make it look SO simple! Thank you!

  28. Philip Cooper

    When was the Switch launched, that people need replacing the battery already?

  29. CheSLAV

    How to replace thermal pads on Nintendo Gamecube?

  30. Nicholas Ovel

    I'm 33,and I KNOW I sound just like my father but…. WTH!? I've never even heard of the Nintendo switch. Back in my day (that's it, I'm now my father) we slapped the N64, blew out the special edition Gold Zelda: Ocarina of time and the weekend was back on track!
    I feel like I live in a twilight zone. I was one of the first stores in Jacksonville, FL to repair s3 glass. We were definitely the first to repair the charging port (thanks espresso and other questionable products for a 72 hr crash course in micro soldering alone)…. I haven't repaired much since then and it's amazing how fast tech moves!

  31. suhas kamath

    ❤️ your videos.

  32. dijit4l

    That wasn't too bad, but I don't see why they couldn't have made it user replaceable.

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