Pokemon Let’s Go Sales Off To A Fast Start And A Disc-Less Xbox One Coming Next Year? | News Wave

The first sales are now out for Pokemon Let’s Go in the UK and it shows the new series doing pretty well even when stacked up against other main line entries from the past. Reports started to spread over the weekend that a possible disc-less Xbox One is set to launch next year in the spring. What could a system without a drive mean for Microsoft going forward?

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  1. O1993

    Xbox One SS? That is a terrible name because Nazis. Just Google Waffen SS and imagine all the Nazi jokes if they name a white Xbox the SS model.

  2. Jack Son

    Should point out that Go is still less than that of Ultra Sun/Moon, the most recent in the franchise. This isn't likely to top original Sun/Moon, momentum will die once the 2019 game launches.

  3. Matthew North

    DMC and Castlevania? That guy needs to do Shin Megami Tensei next!!

  4. Taco NoC

    I started watching Castlevania because of this episode….it's so good, can't stop watching it.

  5. FPS PC Gaming

    Just because Pokémon let’s go is selling well doesn’t mean it’s good, it just means people’s standards have dropped.

  6. Michael554466

    With warframe, do i have to permanently move my save from pc? I want to play pc sometimes and switch other times.
    Wishful thinking i guess…

  7. Michael554466

    I'm gonna get pkm lets go pikachu when i can afford it

  8. Quinnten Ramirez

    Xbox One ss would appeal to people who want to upgrade at a discount. It’s good move to phrase in the future of gaming and other media.

  9. Erika Fuzzbottom

    Hopefully the extra time they're taking with Spyro Trilogy Switch will result in the Switch version being more polished and, more importantly, complete.

  10. Bill Cook

    Discless console? Nope

  11. Juan Antonio Núñez del Toro

    9:39 Anyone else hears a mosquito buzzing near the mic?

  12. Luis Cruz

    You guys need to chill tf out. What their gonna do is release multiple xbox , their gonna keep their disk xbox , people are so fucking stupid……

  13. Ken Daniel Murphy

    I could see Bayonetta mixing well with Devil May Cry and Castlevania.

  14. Christian Raphael Rosso Escarraman

    The discless xbox only work if they do a program of disc to digital with some select retail store u go and give the physical copy and they give u a code something like that

  15. FeedingFrenzy91

    13:11 This generation xbox was able to have ur digital games be backwards compatible too (in some cases) so I imagine they could do that again.

    God bless everyone.

  16. Sam Strawbridge

    Bayonetta Netflix show please

  17. Marshall R.

    id definitely buy a cheap disk less xbox.
    1tb would be easily sufficient, it wouldn't be my main system, and even then I don't keep all my games installed all the time anyways..
    a separate disk drive would kinda defeat the point,
    you would obviously buy back compat titles online
    if you're not up to do that, there are the other models~

  18. Giggletr0n

    I guess the disc-less Xbox One is good for young kids, those with specific disabilities and shut ins 🤔

  19. nayan timla

    I never bought an Xbox simply because I have a PC and I really don't see why an Xbox is necessary at that point BUT a cheap XB1 is something that I'd probably buy just to have all 3 of the big consoles. Disc drive doesn't even bother me because as much as I love Physical Games.

  20. Dan

    12:00 I like how the picture still has the eject button

  21. Evilkingus

    I really really really would like a diskless Xbox one. They need to make the form factor smaller though. Yeah, they probably need to redesign the mainboard a bit, but smaller footprint please.

  22. L3gion3r

    12:34 Discless Xbox

  23. Nicholas Dihrkop

    If it's $200, I'm down. I had a chance to get a Xbox One or a Switch and I grabbed the Switch. If there's a cheaper Xbox One I would bite.

  24. It's ViPeRz


  25. Steven M.

    Entirely unrelated, but RE 2 remake in January!

  26. adventvalor

    Do you contact through twitter, YouTube or email. I’d hate to miss it and I registered to win the game.

  27. James Lee

    https://youtu.be/f4098uIkwwo?t=2m14s  Here in Korea, I was able to get a Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee themed cushion+blanket as a preorder bonus.

  28. Indy K

    I can finally talk shit to other Paladins shity player… took a while there

  29. Patrick De Laurentiis


  30. Cody The Gamer92

    How do I sign up for the giveaways?

  31. MDK22420

    Brits seem to have high nostalgia for those ps1 games, it'll be interesting to see how the ps1 classic does there.

  32. Theguywith2thumbs

    Please do a cross over with Berserk!!!!!

  33. Rockfan

    Xbox one already has DRM. It's called digital purchases! You can't play them offline! Don't be scammed into buying a console that becomes a brick without an Internet connection, or when Xbox live is down!

  34. Difford

    The Pokemon Let's Go! sales numbers sound about right to me. I knew it wasn't going to be insane numbers but very decent numbers nonetheless.

  35. Hanzo Hattori

    Mario Kart 8 still going strong.

  36. not a fanboy

    the backward compatibility is digital too

    you dont need discs for it, if its a disc to digital program that works

  37. Ox King

    I heard from different Stores in Germany that the Pokemon and Pokeball Plus Bundles were sold out and even the games.
    I was in two myself on Saturday and didn't see anything on the big Mediamarkt and only the Game and the Switch Bundle at another store. On Gamestop only the Games itself.

  38. IHateLiveStreams

    Discless🤮 unless it’s got a Petabyte of space.

  39. Ms. Velvet Crowe

    Pokemon let's go is sick it's sooo good

  40. Rj Ortiz

    bayonetta remake

  41. 1Up John

    Why don't all physical games come with a digital version like movies do?

  42. Kane FireHero

    With the Pokémon let’s go as I live in the UK again there was shortages I could not find stock anywhere in the Northeast.

  43. Jaygo

    There was a midnight release for Fallout 76 somewhere near my area in London and only 2 people showed up for it LOL

  44. Mark Henderson

    Wow another lie, you didn't even do the math 76 is down by 45% not 80% vs Fallout 4 in the U.K.

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