Nintendo Switch Hacked to Play GAMECUBE (and Wii?) Games!

Nintendo Switch hacked to play gamecube games (and Wii Games?) thanks to the “unpatchable” Fail0verflow exploit that makes every current Nintendo Switch hackable!
“Nintendo Switch – GAMECUBE Virtual Console…”
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  1. mr Man

    Tbh I only wanna do this to play some sam and max on the go

  2. Joshua Nicholas

    Digmon world 4,Beyond Good and Evil,Dragon Ball z budaki, Mario Super Shine,Super Smash bros.Melee,

  3. ApolloRED

    Can you imagine the switch could probably emulate nes up to psp.

  4. ApolloRED

    Please gamecube emulator! Id love to play resident evil 1-code veronica on my switch

  5. Nick Baldeagle

    IF Gamecube and Wii emulation was perfected on the Switch, I'd buy a second one purely for that. Super Mario Sunshine on the go. Heaven.

  6. hillz4ever

    Marvel vs Capcom 2 please

  7. TwisterSanity

    brb, gonna sell my Wii

  8. Lord Satsuma

    pls don't tease Wii..if I get to finish Galaxy on the go, @ work, man. just needs to run a portable dolphin, I need that stat..also a stretch, but would love some Nullpomino and TGM3 therapy, proven treatments that work, need those games on Switch.

  9. Michael Hunter

    First 5 games when the emulator is complete
    1.super mario sunshine
    2.Luigi mansion
    3.mario kart double dash
    4.super smash bros melee
    5.sonic adventure dx
    What’s the first 5 games you will play?

  10. Joloxsa Xenax

    I want hacked themes

  11. Mom I do not watch Hentai

    Beware of the terrifying ninjas

  12. Demolinizer5

    ps2 emu for switch anyone

  13. Vine Sausage

    Can't wait to play PS2 games on the go! (Hopefully one day…)

  14. Chucks Grace

    I'm not going to get a switch until I can use Dolphin, CEMU, rpcs3, and PCSX2 on it.

  15. that norwegianguy

    OH NO nintendo will ban you from online services …….. so in other words no loss there.

  16. DavesHadeNuFF187

    That is a pretty cool hack,but I wouldn't want to mess with my warranty lol.I got a 3 or 4 year one,but I wouldn't want to void it.Maybe later on after it runs out,maybe,lol just saying.

  17. GurrenBrigadeSoldier

    Nintendo just confirmed that there will be NO VC coming to switch. Get ready for emulators abound.

  18. Jexll Wuff

    this hack is the only reason im buying a switch

  19. Creative Channel Name

    they shouldn't fix it, it's increasing their sales

  20. cyberfreak4984

    PS2…. just dreaming here

  21. Tonite's tea corner

    Great, Its been the matter of time, we've all been waiting for.

  22. Matt23488

    I just mainly want the ability to mod games (like Skyrim). When that's possible, I'll be the first in line to hack m Switch lol

  23. sixfittyonembitties

    Gamecube had some hitters

  24. Lumario

    You sound like…the narrator from The Stanley Parable.

  25. Javier Harford

    20xx / Smash bros melee online please!?!?!

  26. Shadow Gallery

    A revolution without dancing is a revolution not worth having.

  27. Brett Rees

    I'm a simple creature, give me the Pokemon collection on my Switch 😆

  28. Un Haze

    paper mario!!!!!!

  29. LeveledUp GamingNetwork

    In a future where Nintendo will not have virtual console i would have 2 switches one to have for legal online play and the other to basically have the ultimate portable emulator

  30. Medachod

    Well, we already knew they would be coming at some point since the Nvidia Shield is running upscaled Wii games in China, so I'm not too surprised if we figure out how to at least get Wii games to run at full speed pretty soon here. Excited to finally try out Gale of Darkness on the Switch.

  31. HuskyZee

    This proves GC VC should be a thing on Switch. Why aren't they fucking cashing in on this.

  32. MN NM

    Playing wii and wii u and all the rest of nintendo of this would be nice

  33. Robert Bullock

    I would like to see ps1 an better the Grinch maybe make it better this time i hope for…

  34. Ryan Newby

    Why don’t Nintendo just launch a virtual console already!! It would stop a lot of folk wanting to hack it. Am not going to hack my Switch until it’s well out of warranty.

  35. dead star

    If all goes well I might actually get a switch. No way I was buying when it comes with 10 good games

  36. Iss Ayy

    Are the creators of this awesome exploits indicating that there will be a full hack for the console to run Switch roms?

  37. Shivas Thong

    well thats one way to get Xenoblade Chronicles 1 on there

  38. Jeff T

    I might buy one now…

  39. BAMvsGAME

    The capability of a homebrewed switch is why I bought it early on, was even better when I heard that there was a hardware exploit.

  40. Leon thepro


  41. Lisbeth Salander

    as a GoW fan i would love to have the psp and the 1st 2 GoWs all in one console, but having all pokemon games on the same console too sounds spicy

  42. 000 001 00012000 000 001 0

    All I need is melee on the switch

  43. Bokz

    This will be perfect for melee players

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