Playstation 4 / PS4 Mini Classic Pro – Arcade / MAME / NeoGeo – Extended Testing


  1. Wicked Gamer & Collector

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  2. Paulo Vaz

    Whats the handheld at the end?

  3. Zocker Omi

    Hm, looks really interesting

  4. johnarka

    Thanks but I'll stick with my Polystation 4

  5. Matt A

    Is it worth getting a console like this over a retro pi?

  6. T.r. Crockett

    Anything that plays Cadillac's and dinosaurs is ok by me lol 👾👾👾


    the only problem i had with the arcade emulation are shmups all games with tate screen are stretched like hell.
    i want to force it with the menue button to the original size but sometimes it worked and sometimes not.

  8. Bobby Ragone

    Great vid. I think you just sold me on this thing. Thanks wicked! 👍🏻

  9. K Berry

    How much it cost and Where can I get and is this real lol

  10. Amristar

    I really like MAME. Played lots of that on PC. This PS4 Mini has very good emulation. Looks fun to have.

  11. Eduardo Estrella

    i Don't Like it PS4 Mini KO, Bootleg and Pirated Console Type, Buying Any Console Stupid Chinese Consoles, I HATE YOU!

  12. Juan Hernandez

    Good console, digging your sound effects on the predator game,entertainment as usual 🤣stay wicked alien hunter!

  13. tony pinto

    Wow , awesome little machine….
    Another great video from the wicked gamer!!!

  14. Huy Vo

    looks likethe ps mini works good

  15. Roger Branstetter

    The video was awesome but, take into consideration there are other games with sound issues on there such as Battle Garrega.

  16. The Roblox Guy

    Ha ha yeet put the trash on the floor.

  17. Mike Fernandez

    lmao Ps4 mini

  18. Danny

    Awesome review. Btw when are you going to the arcade museum again?

  19. RJVmovies

    Ziet er inderdaad heel goed uit.
    Gave console die ik zelf ook wel wil hebben.

  20. black man concerned

    Gonna add this to my collection. Thanks for the great reviews

  21. Ejder Dragon

    Plzzzzzz dont talk

  22. RORO RA

    Can you tell me what kind controller do you use. I hear the click click sound. Thanks.

  23. Mario Alexi

    Its time for another beast!

  24. Ed Irizarry

    Did you mention the availability to add additional games to this? I didn’t see anything in your video. Are there any other gaming emulators that this will also play?

  25. Juan Amaro


  26. smashlyn1

    I ordered one came in yesterday took a month to get here but darn it I'm in the hospital had skin graph surgery won't be able to play mine til next week when I'm released bummer for me its just sitting at home still in its package can't wait to try it out nice review does it have any mortal kombat arcade versions on it?

  27. MSMMr1982

    I 💘this one wicked this is so cool 😎everybody should get one right now right wicked hey wicked your the best hard working man in the world and keep up the good work ☺

  28. marty stamplecoskie

    good video

  29. Reagan Dow

    How does everything else run on this? I think I remember seeing this exact model running some stuff pretty bad? I’m most concerned with all the different types of Arcade ports. Please let me know as I’d like to order one ASAP.

  30. aaron coley

    Just ordered this after watching this video

  31. Ash Brahmbhattt

    Great review

  32. Juan Amaro

    That clone console is very good and very clear graphics.

  33. ShiroWorks Barry

    Okay.. Soooo this is the console i was searching for!!

  34. vampirschi

    LOL you tested almost all of my favorite MAME games. 🙂

  35. Juan Amaro

    Lunch time and Arcade porn! 😁

  36. Free 4 all

    I like the PS4 mini, seems to have decent emulation.
    Does it run MK1 to MK4?
    Thank you very much, great review

  37. Albert Judson

    more and more every day…great job mates

  38. Joseph Wright

    Hmm I'm so tempted! I need some mame games for my gaming attic.

  39. Potato K

    Nice video

    Also, is it just me but did he say it was time for “arcade porn” at the beginning?

  40. Sandro Sannelli

    👌 😊

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