Get Ready To SMASH!! | Super Smash Bros Ultimate First Look! (Nintendo Switch)

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Super Smash Bros Ultimate is HERE! The wait is officially over. Today, we are SMASHING head first into all the battle goodness and seeing what characters we can unlock!

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  1. Tomes of Awesome

    I don't know if you've already done a theory on this. But if not, could you do a theory on "Just how fast IS SONIC THE HEDGEHOG?" I was looking through old stuff the other day, and found my old Sonic comics. One of which has a picture of a NASCAR speedway on the cover with a guy holding a radar gun, and boasting the comment bubble, "Every time he goes around, he sets a new record!" Maybe you could use the date of the comic's printing to date the record + the length of a NASCAR speedway = Sonic's speed??? Just thinking out loud. Love your channel guys!!!

  2. Loukas Speros

    Them: “Let’s smash!”

    Me(to myself): I’m not going to take that the wrong way…

    My brain: They had a kid.

    Me: SON OF A…

  3. Oyasumi

    Joker is a DLC character 😛

  4. Ivan Long

    For an undertale fan-game, watch this video! It looks really cool

  5. Gman 613

    Y know, smash’s cpu lvl 3 look really easy… also they are kinda bad. If you guys read this no offense, considering you are not really a gaming channel

  6. Burning Flame

    Me- Bendy For Smash

    Nintendo- Adds Everyone But Bendy

  7. fireredxy

    “No one saw it coming.” Heh.

  8. CryptoCraziness

    "Everyone's Here!"

    WHERE'S WALUIGI????!!!??!!

  9. Gman 613


  10. UnamusedDeathGod

    Bowsette would be an echo-fighter of bowser with the physical attributes(size and weight) of peach

  11. Icarus Gamer

    Its worse when amazon lies when your game is coming and you have a switch to play smash

  12. amih calvillo

    I found the tax laws very helpful

  13. TheHolyToast

    Ness is my main

  14. I'm Random

    Anyone else a day late

  15. Baltoy Games

    Stop stream sniping

  16. Wesley Brown

    somehow i managed to get 20+ characters unlocked

  17. Zi jian law

    I was filled with agony watching matpat play Ness.

  18. NickTDN The Diamond Nickcart

    Can you check out me playing Smash?
    Just tap my Icon next to this comment to check out my intire channel.

  19. Wesley Brown

    dont feel bad about being noobs i havet played smash bros since the first N64 version so most of all of the game is new to me

  20. Charles Roberts-Moses

    45:00 the Kirby came back a few seconds later,the Kirby came back matpat thought he was a goner but the Kirby came back he just couldn’t stay away.

  21. Sophia C

    There's a book for hello neighbor now but I didn't have enough money to get it so get it and use it for the theory it might be useful

  22. Jaime Vitale

    when are y'all gonna finish detroit become human????

  23. Darky Makenzy

    Where’s the continuation for sally face ?

  24. Skorpeon RyDer

    When I first booted up Adventure Mode, I was basically:
    "Oh no.
    Then there was that one, briefly quiet part. Then:
    "PSSHHH!! HAH HA– no."

  25. UnamusedDeathGod

    "look at us smashing" why did you say that while playing ssbu with your wife….why

  26. Rebekah Leiplein

    1:58. No I haven't seen it yet because I've been waiting for you guys because you're my favorite and I do appreciate your witty discussion.

  27. Poketendo 1418

    Miltank, because rollout spam

  28. Davis Till

    Why is matpat dying his hair?

  29. Please Stand By.

    “She challenged me I had to lay the smack down”. -smackpat 2018

  30. N olla

    The Finnish flag is a square not a circle god dammit!!!

  31. Motion Memer

    i feel like there robots trying to obtain human emotion the next video they make will be all hail the zucc

  32. BMT Gamer

    diddy kill u?

  33. JJBlaze

    Pause at 47:00 Now look at the TV in the background. #MarioDogAndLuigiCat

  34. JJBlaze

    I like how they added the stage “pilotwings” as a nice little callback to Wii Sports Resort.

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