Joker In Smash, PlayStation Classic Hacked, Nintendo Switch In 2019 And Your Comment | Saturday Show

A big surprise was revealed during The Game Awards was seeing Persona 5’s Joker become the first DLC character for Smash Bros Ultimate. Could this mean more for the relationship between Atlas, Sega and Nintendo when it comes to Persona? The PlayStation Classic has been hacked and new games are already being added. With all of the recent third party announcements and more to come, is 2019 set up to be the year for the Nintendo Switch?

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  1. Gambit2483

    Epic games is basically using their success with Fortnite to move in on Valves uncontested turf

  2. Epicurus

    Waluigi is rumoured to be the final DLC fighter.

  3. 1GWX

    EA? hahahahaha on a.. Nintendo platform. AAA games?…right. I will eat my consoles if they do. lol oh…brings back ol memories….of seeing their logo flash on GameCube with the jingle: EA GAMES CHALLENGE EVERYTHING…aah the ol days …ah well 😉 wat wait wait CHARGE EVERYTHING? naaaah lol

  4. MiniBeas

    Valve need to release their secret weapon. Half-Life 3

  5. Rite Flyer

    There's also GOG, Bethesda, Discord and probably some other smaller ones. There are too many stores on PC!

  6. InfinityCode1

    I can’t wait to play Fallout 76 in 4K on my recently ordered SouljaGame Console!!!!

  7. Zander Crossan

    Nintendo is the king of hyping games up

  8. Crispy Mayo

    Persona 5 Crimson, Reloaded, whatever, I would love that. I would take time off of work just for it.

  9. Comprehend Games

    How much Nintendo Switch systems have been sold?

  10. Rob Boutin Jr

    I haven't played Smash since Brawl, i may have to pick this up haha.

  11. Sven Meyer

    It's really not that easy to add games for now.
    I've hacked my ps classic but i can't run any game from my usb device.
    Invalid cd image etc…

  12. Ophi Green

    Joker and a Persona 5 release.

    Sora and a Kingdom Hearts collection.

    Doomguy when Doom Eternal releases.

    2B and Nier: Automata.

    Banjo and Kazooie and a new Banjo game is announced for Microsoft and Switch only.

  13. Andreas Ryge

    NES and SNES classic are plentiful in stores where I live

  14. Atsuko Kagari

    Scalpers were hoping the PS1 Classic would be just like the NES/SNES in scarcity and demand. xD

  15. Fernando Godinez

    im starting to really avoid purchasing digital games if I can…I feel like one day all these games that I supposedly own I will not own, plus sometimes the software stops working like a few titles on steam or not work at all…I'm sticking to my Switch I like this cartridge style of owning your games, it feels more right.

  16. Crazy Neerp

    I’ve heard nothing but good things about persona 5 but I just never got the chance to play it, hopefully persona gets a port to the switch because I’d love to play it!

  17. Marlowe Preston

    Playstation games are being censored in Japan and all other regions as well. Everything has to go through the California branch, and in English no matter where it plans to release.

  18. SumeaBizarro

    I may be contrarian but I want Switch to get Persona 5, because I had #FE for Wii U and that game was just too much. My avatar is ripped from a H-manga yet #FE was "too anime" to make it short, too simple in all it's smt based RPG mechanics, had one really big bullshit mechanic compounded by another bullshit mechanic, and every boss was more or less the same, including last boss. Coolest thing about the game was being A demo that shows what COULD be done with the Wii U gamepad to enhance a Japanese RPG, map on it and all, but we never got a true big great game for Wii U to use that beautiful gamepad, and Wii U dying without it's gamepad remains a sad tragedy.

    After that game, opening switch's JRPG third party array with Persona 5 could be greater than anticipated. It is a PS3 game essentially do it could run 1080p/30 like PS4, and portable. Octopath traveller is fine, but also on cheaper side when it comes to grand scale, and Persona 5 on other hand could be third horseman of JRPG explosion for the system. Japan loves portable, so we could get drastically different kinds of games when DS and 3DS had their downshifted JRPG libraries of great unique game. Now devs and publishers can target portable market with much bigger ambition.
    …just don't forget about surround sound like xenoblade 2…

  19. DANonPC

    2020 Olympics has Japanese trying to hide their pedophile games and kiddie porn.

  20. Scotty McLean

    7:12 you're wrong. Bethesda have been doing this to us for years


    Joker is representing Atlus, the same way Sonic, Mega Man, Snake, Simon Belmont, and Pac-Man represent their respective publishers. Rayman needs to be here for Ubisoft, and perhaps Doom Guy for Bethesda. I don't see why the Persona games would remain a Sony exclusive… Any game of that sort I feel is best on Nintendo platforms. Still holding off on playing fully through Dragon Quest till the Switch port.

  22. Multiplatform Gamer


  23. Tyler Holt

    Ashen is pretty fun and looks really nice.

  24. Not2Shabby

    We need Ryo Hazuki in smash bros. The game releases I think August 25th.

  25. GaminWithLeyton

    The Million Dollar Question Is Will Bethesda Stop Stuffing Up So Hard!

  26. Squirtle Turtle

    Just like Sony's attempt at handheld their attempt at a classic is the worst as well lol Maybe they should just focus instead of rushing things…..I loved my Vita and still do but had they taken time with it we may have ended up with a great system and now they rushed this classic and FLOP =( Poor sony

  27. Marc Joncas

    I called it. Everyone said Epic wouldn't hunt games down for exclusivity/earliear release on Epic store. saw this coming a mile away

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