Best Nintendo Switch Batteries – List and Overview + GIVEAWAY!

GuliKit Power Bank Giveaway:

These are our favorite Nintendo Switch batteries that extend that 3-4hr playtime!

Let us know what you’ve been using in the comments along with your thoughts on non-officially licensed Nintendo Switch accessories!


01:20 – Bestorx Battery Case
02:56 – Bionik Power Plate Duo
03:56 – Anker PowerCore II 20000
05:42 – GulitKit Power Bank


● Officially Licensed Nintendo Switch Power Banks

Anker PowerCore 20100 Nintendo Switch Edition:

Anker PowerCore 13400 Nintendo Switch Edition:

● Power Banks

★ GuliKit Power Bank:

★ Anker PowerCore II 20000:

Anker PowerCore II 10000:

● Battery Cases

★ Bestorx Battery Case:

Liboer Battery Case:

Power Case:

Nyko Power Shell:

★ Bionik Power Plate Duo:

Bionik Power Plate (Single Battery):

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  1. Ray Albring

    What case is on the switch in the beginning of the video?

  2. Alejandro Ildefonso

    whats the case you are using on your switch in this video?

  3. Jeop

    I use the nyko one that attaches to the bottom so that the switch can still be docked it works for what i want personally

  4. BrawlyEmperor85 connor


  5. lilbaconxD Xx

    I like all your vids because im getting an Nintendo in December and your telling everything what we can do and not do. Thx

    Like and subscribe😎😃

  6. Aidan Skelton

    Thanks for saying the gulikit was your favorite I was looking at it on Amazon found out some battery packs can harm the switch from wulfden but then you cleared up my doubts with this video thanks so much 😀

  7. Jacob Bustamante

    Do more

  8. KungFuMaster

    I dont mind the extra nintendo tax from anker. The assurance that my switch wont brick is a more affordable option for me

  9. katel535

    I want a gulikit because I don`t have something to charge my switch

  10. AM1NAT0Rz

    4000mah gone in 3hours???

  11. AbeXx56

    What travel kit did you use on 6:31?

  12. Jon Johnson

    What’s a Nintendo Switch? Is it a RF Switch for NES?

  13. Grizzly Mang

    DO NOT GET MAGNETIC CHARGERS!!! They pick up junk like crazy and get so damn dirty when I stopped using one on my phone I pulled out a disgusting amount of dust metal bits and rocks from my phones port cause of the charger putting all that shit In there

  14. Andre Adhitya

    Great video!! Btw may I know what carry case are you using? It seems that you can fit your switch while wearing the mumba case inside that carry case. I need one myself badly!

  15. shinji ota

    Where do I get the USB c Nintendo cord from?

  16. Lbrown


  17. Esteve Garces

    Who won the giveaway?

  18. SayHEY

    With the official anker battery bank with the Nintendo licensing has USB-C port in the power bank which allows you to game and charge at the same time with no slow down or draining the battery bank faster than normal. Plus the USB-C power bank has a chip which helps a lot. Not trying to troll or anything. Just want to inform people

  19. Jeffrey Puritz

    I bought the GuliKit on your recommendation and now am a little concerned, first it does not fit over the Skull & Co case which is just sad but I am concerned because Amazon has removed all reviews of this product for "unusual activity". Hopefully I did not make a mistake. Are you really using this? Have you charged it and discharged it a few times? I would really like to know.
    I am not questioning you personally, I bought the Skull & Co big case on your recommendation and it is excellent but when it comes to batteries, I did have a Note 7 so I am paranoid…

  20. Angela Ramos


  21. Kodi Lawson

    Why are there no videos on blackweb battery packs I got a 21000 (or so) pack for like $20 and been using it for months now no problems, it charges while playing even if you're using both usb ports and can charge about 3 times

  22. Snowy 374

    I subscribed and i want the baterry

  23. Mason A.

    Another thing is that I’m saving up for a switch so I’m watching these type of videos and these are the most reliable videos I could find, these videos are perfect

  24. Mason A.

    How are you not at 1M yet?!

  25. Voxy

    Just a little heads up, you get a 404 error when you go ahead and try to ensure you're subscribed on the Gleam giveaway. ^^

  26. Oretal

    The Gulikit is a great battery bank!

  27. RRupper

    I personally love the 6500mah battery case. Although it may not have the largest capacity it is practical for my trips as it comes with a double stand for tabletop mode which is useful for plane journeys (I think the switch should have originally come with this) it has an indicator for power and as you said in the video, get what you love, so I did, and i ended up getting this product because it looks incredible and it works extremely well. Highly recommend it.

  28. T Williams

    Can the GuliKit harness fit over say a Skull and Co slim case without damaging the harness?

  29. Inky Girls50


  30. BejBn xD

    Lovr your videos



  32. deepika panjwani

    I have answered the question but the suscribe here page is not opening.

  33. Alex Pickford

    Is there anyway to make the guli kit to fit on the skullcandy grip? A video on this would be awesome

  34. Alexander Van Nesse

    Why didn't you include the SwitchCharge case?

    Also, what is the case on the switch when the video immediately starts?

  35. Friendly Kid

    Who won the Giveaway?

  36. MSGkingdom

    ok, keep on with the videos!

  37. Sludge Industries


  38. MSGkingdom

    As always a wonderful video! but can you make more keyboard videos?

  39. William Sanborn

    Well, as far as the non officially licensed products, I can honestly say do NOT buy them! We already know about the Nyko dock situation. The main reason why I say that is I actually talked to a Nintendo representative in the state of Georgia, and he said “If it doesn’t have the seal of quality, don’t buy it.”

  40. ಠ_ಠマジで

    I was looking at the Anker’s official Nintendo powerbank but the price and the fact that it doesn’t ship to where I’m at is a big bummer. I don’t even know if Anker ships worldwide. I’m afraid of bricking my Switch.

    Thank god this video came along, now I can try out other brands.

  41. DietrichZapdos

    Just what I was looking for, thank you for this video.

  42. Robin Greenback

    I found that the Gulikit kinda works with the skull and co gripcase on. It is a little snug over the exaust but manageable.

  43. Agent 25

    Gleam did not let me enter for subscribing

  44. Agent 25

    It came from a box are you exited for super smash bros switch

  45. nowonmetube

    So many misconceptions about the USB C complaints and the Nintendo Switch!

    Charging is SAFE as long as it uses 5V volts and has at least 1.5 A! So Powerbanks with that property is no problem whatsoever! I charged my Switch with a Smartphone / Samsung plug, and one of the first Powerbanks that has been on Amazon!

    Just make sure the output doesn't have quickcharge or variable voltages. That's where you have to be careful maybe!

    So to see that Anker works just fine, even with different Voltage output, shows that it's not as dangerous as it seems.

    Oh and the smaller Anker one charges slower?? What are you talking about! Why would it? It's not a Smartphone after all, that uses "quickcharge" or something!
    The Switch has only two power states! 5V @ >=1.5A and 15V @ (officially) >=2.6A (officially because THAT'S where the problem kicks in! Even though it says 2.6A it sucks 3A! And if the device – like those docks – can't handle it, it damages them all!)

  46. Azril Azman

    Who in tarnation ask for these vids

  47. Gvesso

    Love the videow

  48. Lleyton Saul

    I love all your videos you should make more

  49. Yahel Messinger

    is it international shipping? i live in israel

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