Nintendo Switch And PS4 Own November Sales And Rejected Pokemon Designs Are Terrifying | News Wave

The US sales data was released for the month of November showing a large surge in sales for all three consoles setting a mark that had not been reached in nearly 8 years. We also saw Fallout 76 and Battlefield have a harder time on the charts. Some old Pokemon drawings were shown from the concept stages showing some early looks at ideas for current Pokemon and what they looked like before they were finalized.

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  1. Teddy M

    One of the top 5 gaming channels on youtube. Simple as that. Thanks as always for a great video filled with info!

  2. kretschmann jonathan

    i really hope that halo 6 is not like destiny

  3. Johno Daz

    Hey Jon(SW). Ys 9 will hopefully come onto the Switch aswell, especially for the Japanese Market. GC stand for the Switch looks very neat. TSA I am looking forward too playing and if I can I will try n get the Collector's Edition but if not I will be picking it up anyway. Fallout 76 and BFV selling that good for being bad n average games ?? Sony I can imagine they killed it with that Spider-Man bundle and the Switch is doing tremendous but I am surprised the Xbox1 has sold that great. I do think Halo Infinite is gonna be very cool and needs too change things up aswell, I wouldn't try too be like Destiny cuz there is a better Destiny game out there and it's free too play n called Warframe. The Pokémon rejected designs looks very funky lol.

  4. luis riguerra

    Still no zelda sale 🙁

  5. idonotmakevidsyet

    The colour schemes for all 3 companies placed side to side fit so well blue, red, green. Was this planned?

  6. DomNick

    Nuuuuu. Not Gulpin!

  7. Fluttershy Stays High420

    personally i think Smash is the most overrated fighting game in history, seriously wtf is so great about it? its BORING! i just don't get it, there are so many better fighting games much more deserving of this hype and even if it were good the competitive scene has taken over the franchise so much that i doubt the next one will even have a sp mode so there is 0 reason at all to play a Smash game other than to have a dick measuring contest online. i just don't get today's gaming.. smh

  8. Nate Jennings

    Whenever analists say "cell phones are going to take over gaming" I just look at my gaming rig and smile.

  9. Tyler Coday

    For the pokemon lets go i would have liked these rejected versiona better i hate the pokemon lets go, i was hyped for it buut after buying it i wish i just through the money in the fire because fire is better than lets go, atleast fire cooks for you instead of ruining one specific favorite game of yours, tho it can be a bad thing but fire is survival lets go is suicide literally i wanted to kill myself after playing it, i beat the elite four and never touched it again and i don't plan to neither.

  10. Patrick De Laurentiis

    good god pokemon had a lot of pre-production.

  11. Turner D Century

    I can’t wait till Xbox puts out a great console, again. Till then, ps4 seems more like the successor to the Xbox 360, than the X one.

  12. aroo aroo

    Breath of the Halo incoming

  13. Ryuiichi kune

    Ni-dor- rhino? Really? 😣 it is Knee-door-ree-know. God that was a bad butchuring

  14. xFusionz619TDZ

    I clicked just for garadose I love that pokemon I think that was the only reason I clicked

  15. Derrick !

    Anybody else think he's insanely hot? Like honestly I would let him dick me down every night.

  16. Ahamkara Moksha

    teeeedddy beeeear

  17. Jack Son

    Wait, Nintendo fanboys said Switch outsold PS4 in November. Their comments don't line up with NPD? Huh, who knew? Anyone with a brain!

  18. duhmez

    Halo, Live servicce edition. It'ss gonna suck.

  19. stewie 242

    I would like to see cuphead for the switch, it's perfect for the switch because you can play Solo or with someone

  20. Franklin Brown

    Great to see Nintendo Sony and Microsoft doing well

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