The BEST Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games for January! | RGT 85


  1. MikeJRe2ipi

    Imagine if Nintendo built the switch dock with backward compatability for gamecube, wii and wii u games…

  2. P cj

    merry xmas!

  3. Dave The Impaler

    Should have made it a "NEW SUPER MARIO BROS. ALL-STARS" collection with all 4 NSMB games.

  4. Patrick De Laurentiis

    That Mario Wii U port should've been called An Obvious Mario Cash Grab.

  5. ressljs

    I don't understand why there's any excitement over New Super Mario Bros Wii U for Switch. When it came out on the Wii U, it got criticized for beating a dead horse because it did so little to distinguish itself from the New Super Mario Bros on DS and Wii. In fact, it's credited for helping to kill the Wii U at launch because it was a total yawnfest. But now that it's out on Switch, press that "I believe" button and get hyped!

  6. RavagingTiger

    Can't wait forVespiria!!!!!! Mygod!

  7. Electro_Yellow


  8. Ionut Makz

    Smite is the best

  9. SpiceYourLife

    Honestly this list is kinda mediocre at best… But then again this is January so what can you expect?

  10. Dragon Wolf

    2:00 this is a free mobile game. When will the shovelware stop?

  11. muckymucks

    Mario Bros U Deluxe is what I am looking forward to the most for the Switch but I'll definitely be picking up Double Cross; I hadn't heard of it.

  12. Naes Free

    Smite will be good

  13. Gejamugam Latsoomanam

    Ps4 has better games coming out 2019, games that will never be on switch

  14. || Co-Kane ||

    I made a guess before seeing the video that it will be just over 10 minutes and sure enough… 😂

  15. Niki Coppola

    You missed Fitness Boxing.

  16. Bayta Librae

    Dragon Marked For Death, January 31st. A second trailer for it was released a few days ago, definitely check it out. I would like to know what you think so I hear so little about this game from anyone else.

  17. Michael Thomas Ireland

    RGT is human. #FakeNews

  18. tech money

    Switch presents under my tree !! ^_^

  19. Zuckerton

    Unfortunately, there is only ONE game I can pick up in January and that's Kingdom Hearts III.

    Though I may be able to bring myself to pick up No More Heroes, but since it's 3rd Party, that means that in 6 months it'll be $20.

  20. Jennifer Cushman

    Only that Mario game is the only physical released game I want to get next month. The only other Switch games I want is some eshop games. That is on my wish list.

  21. Sonchance

    When is 3D world coming to switch? I absolutely adore that game.

  22. Anthony Caban

    nintendo should jus call the swicth remasted console cause thats the only thing they have and indie games.and around 8 exclusive much potential this console has yet they dont focus in making good titles compared to ps4 and xbox.its been 3 years since it came out should a least yave 20 exclusive games.

  23. Jacob Montoya

    The month of….meh 😩

  24. TheAutisticGamer

    I have Mario bros u and Luigi u on one disc on the wii u but i will still be buying it

  25. asap bruhhh

    Is Telltale still releasing season 2 and 3 of the Walking Dead for the Switch?

  26. Rothana Pho

    It’s pronounced Saa-man-no-su-Kay . Omg

  27. IWantTheMoonBack

    Mega man

  28. Christopher Tyler

    Which of these games are e-shop only or physical release games?

  29. arupian666

    LOL @ the "did I do 10 minutes yet ?" sneaky time check toward the end

  30. Spüdley

    The New Super Mario U game was available on one disc for the Wii U. Originally, it was only for the pack-in for a console bundle but was later sold in retail by itself.

  31. B Rad

    Snooze fest

  32. Teddy M

    Snow boarding only a $10 game.. let's hope it's rad. In any case, Nintendo, why no 1080 Switch, no Wave Race? They could be incredible to say the least. Other devs, why no gran turismo 'style'? I know forza is xbox exclusive and PS gran turismo but surely someone out there can make a switch exclusive that is better than the garbage gear club.

  33. KEN

    Tales on Switch, baby!

  34. Johno Daz

    Really nice list RGT 85 and Merry Christmas. A load of quality n different variety of games coming in January but the stand out ones are Super Mario Bros Deluxe, Travis Strikes Again, Telltales Walking Dead, Onimusha HD and Tales of Vesperia.

  35. e. g. g.

    Tales on the switch?? I'm in

  36. MetalMonkey

    I beat Onimusha back in the day on PS2 and really enjoyed it. Def getting that again!

  37. Robert Higgins

    Both NMH games were great, but, its newest incarnation has me very concerned. Doesn't look bad, but quite repetitive and somewhat cheap.

  38. kliferd

    Every gamer should hit the bell for RGT 85

  39. curtiscdragon

    Great great video bro, looks like 2019 is going to be incredible for the switch. I have heard of over 100 games for next year.

  40. james cortez

    These games are garbage I went back to mb using my ps4

  41. Cornelius Romeo

    Smite is what I'm waiting for can't wait to try it out


    So basically shovelware.

  43. Talk ID

    Fire emblem is a system seller for me

  44. Thrill House

    You should start adding fonts on your videos. For example, when you showed footage of the games, on the corner you could have its name and release date. Not a big deal, but a QoL change that is helpful. Ive had to rewind a few times to make sure I got the date right.

  45. It's Dennis The Menace

    I hope they make the zelda collection for switch!!!

  46. Chris J

    Nintendo needs to do a brand new super mario bros game. It needs a multiplayer battle like the ds version did.
    Also release a new F zero game we need one.


    Would love an actual Switch game….. We have been sold regergatated games marketed as "new" too much from Nintendo… I feel more and more burned with each new game announcement..

  48. Darkstar Dayne

    RGT85 Please never change ur intro. It reminds me of a 90s Nintendo game.

  49. Jacob Fisher

    I'm excited for New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe. Didn't have a WiiU, and 2D Mario is always a good time. Pretty excited for Tales as well. Loved Tales of Symphonia.

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