How To Play Destiny 2 with Steam Input

I’ve received a ton of request for this tutorial so here it is. Destiny 2’s recent free weekend has allowed me to tinker with this difficult game and find a foolproof method of getting full Steam Input support with Destiny 2. And yes, that means that you can use your Steam Controller with the game. And fortunately, the method is quite simple.




0:14 – Intro
0:48 – Why Is Destiny 2 Problematic
1:20 – How Do We Fix It
2:11 – The Actual Tutorial
2:54 – What To Change In Destiny’s Settings
3:07 – Outro

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  1. Elashar

    When I launch it from Steam it says, "error initializing ViGem."

  2. Hartley Harms

    Where can I get the controller config for this?

  3. Shane995

    has anyone gotten ban from this or is this 100% safe? because it makes no sense for them to touche about steam overly :/

  4. James Hersey

    Thanks for this great tutorial! After reinstalling GLoSC it worked great!


    Works perfect with my NSwitch Pro Wired Controller thanks a lot ! =D

  6. Jamie Adamson

    I keep getting
    Steam – shortcut launch failed

    Failed to launch Destiny 2

    when i go through GloSC

  7. Luis Stiven Trujillo Ortiz

    I tried to use the hybrid config, with mouse and 360controller, but i cant use both at the same time TnT, I dont know what I should do

  8. Luis Stiven Trujillo Ortiz

    in the page of bnetlauncher, says that dst2: Destiny 2 (Bungie have purposely disabled overlay), what this means? and what should I do?, thanks a lot

  9. goldenshot12

    when i open it up it says unknown game id

  10. Benjamin Pierce

    I have been wanting to play D2 through my steam link and am afraid of a ban for using overlays. Any advice? Is it safe?

  11. Ramsisthe3rd

    Some gameplay with the contoller would be nice! Destiny 2 is currently free

  12. Preston Miles

    Hey the game wont launch for me. it launches through bnetlauncher but when i try to launch through glosc it doesnt launch. just the glosc window shows up

  13. Nomac55

    Nvm it works lol

  14. Nomac55

    This wont seem to hook the overlay for me

  15. RobbyxRuin

    Thank you so much, this fixed in-home streaming for me.

  16. Austin Poorbaugh

    Hey Critical, thank you for the video! Any idea why gloSC will only stay as a blank screen when launched using the above steps through steam? Its not frozen, it will maximize and minimize just fine but the window itself has nothing on it. It seems like the shell is launching but not starting the game itself. I have tried both with Destiny and Diablo III using their respective codes and no luck.. 🙁

  17. Roku

    This no longer works does it from what it says on the site ???

  18. Dreg____

    Hi I had super high hopes for this guide but unfortunately it doesn't work. I tried step by step what you said but when I start Destiny 2 trough the shortcut I can't open the steam overlay ingame. Controller doesn't work either. don't understand why

  19. Neil Hutchinson

    Doesn't streaming the game lock it at 30fps?

  20. hoyholyhoy

    So thank you for the guide, I managed to get the game running and detecting my Xbox controller through steam link, BUT it looks god awful and runs like complete turd at below 30 fps. My computer is more than capable of running the game at Max 1440p or beyond, and I hard wired both the link and my PC but when I specifically try this game it runs like ass. Am I missing something?

  21. Joseph Willis

    all I get after this is the error 'error initialising Vigem' and i've done everything exactly as you have

  22. Robbie Duggan

    when I launch the shortcut with steam it doesn't work but if I create a shortcut for bnetlauncher with -dst2 arg the shortcut works.

  23. yoniexd

    for some reason i dont have the extract option under 7-zip…. HELP

  24. Sergio David Ballen Gomez

    me again, finally thanks to you i can use my switch pro controller in destiny so you are a master

  25. DerDuke1981

    bnetlauncher site says:

    (Bungie seems to have purposely disabled overlay)

  26. Collin

    Looks like you have a nice config for Destiny 2. is it possible you may share your config?

  27. Bryce Swain

    Thank you so much for this. I was literally trying to get this set up today and just found the vid after looking through your channel earlier.

  28. Adam Kallin

    Battlefield 4

  29. That Other Guy

    I literally just got destiny 2 and stumbled on this same exact method after tons of trial and error just this morning lol

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