Xbox vs Nintendo Switch Tournament: I Ruined It…

PC Master Race.
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  1. Patrick Walsh

    Pancho wasn’t Xbox or switch he was on computer too

  2. TTV Ortho Games

    Have u ever played fortnite

  3. Masaki Posey

    4:35 *Thousands, Jon. Maybe even millions

  4. Rahman Younis

    Xbox is better

  5. willem Zietsman

    Jon when you see a player proflie thats have has a like ps4 logo on it then you know its a ps4 plsyers

  6. carolyn sutherland

    Ps4 for the win

  7. Will's Series


  8. Little Eman

    Switch to Xbox Jon

  9. Pablo Romero

    Switch all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Joe W.

    Xbox players are generally gonna be better cuz they have had more time to play it, but it's also gonna look at least twice as good

  11. Maarten Schrijver

    If that pancho guy is diamond I am GC

    But I’m plat

  12. KLJ videos

    I was in that turnament!

  13. Sam Rich

    Xbox is easily better

  14. PLbossbags Tekkerz

    Plz 1v1 me I'm okay
    Ps. I'll let you have ceiling shots

  15. Zebra

    you have been playing this game for 2 years now and your still shit, wow smh bro stop playing.

  16. Alex Noland

    I have a little stick 🙁

  17. Air Dodgers

    Play Station

  18. Asian Jesus

    Pc gay Xbox also gay but PS4 very nice

  19. Asian Jesus

    Sorry but the best rocket league players are the GameCube players like myself

  20. Kari Andrason


  21. Darren Cjjdd

    Hey Jon I'm champ 1 on xbox similar rank to you wana do a 1v1 to see which is better pc or xbox xD

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