How To Use Google On Your Nintendo Switch

YEA THEY FINALLY HAVE YOUTUBE ON THE SWITCH… but no internet browser. Well luckily there’s a way to do so. And in this video i will show you how. Enjoy. (STILL WORKS, JUST DID IT AGAIN 3/8/19)

To chat or just have a news update on my YouTube channel go to my Google+

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To chat or just have a news update on my YouTube channel go on my Discord

To be apart of the discord page or whatever the hell this means

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  1. JESSEM19987

    OK, before anyone wants a war on comments and will lose, i will refresh what went down in this video. 1. Still works, look in details on video. It will keep being up to date. 2. I know what discord is. I HAVE IT AND IT IS IN DESCRIPTION! ABOUT 2 YEARS FOR MY DISCORD SO STOP SAYING I DON'T AND PLEASE FUCK OFF WITH THAT RUMOR DAMN!!! I said I NEVER heard of IRCCLOUD before. Didn't say exact words but look where my cursor was and there you go. 3. Can't watch videos and some games are not playable. 4. If you say i don't treat people nicely because of a joke i made, you are just a one time viewer, and no offence, keep your comments to yourself cause those comments just are fucking annoying to see. 5. If you have shit WiFi, it won't work for you. 6. DON'T SKIP VIDEO! Watch fully and there you go. 7. Can't download games off switch that are for PC only like baldi's basics. 8. DNS settings are the ONLY thing you should be changing and that is it. That was the refresher, now you can move on to putting down comments.

  2. Greninja Tam

    Can I use game banana?

  3. Κώστας Βρουτσης

    That means that I can see some tasty senpay and poop.

  4. deadpool 1226

    Now I can watch porn on my nentendo switch thank you homie

  5. Swade

    Why the hell is this hidden???

  6. Walton Staley

    Porn hub here I come

  7. mcnuggetboi likes memes

    to get google on switch you just have to sub to pewdiepie

  8. hope

    Mah boi pf2m

  9. king frisk

    It just force me to update


    U no y I’m here…

  11. patricia grant

    Thank u very very much bro😂😂

  12. Tyler Woodard

    Is this safe

  13. chris ツ


    Edit: oh nvm u cant watch vids

  14. junkrat

    Will that work on the German server

  15. dspsx

    when I try it it's unable to connect to the network

  16. Custom Thomas Productions

    Is this only 1 time only cause i tried it out last night and it worked fine and when i put it in right now, it said could not connect to network. This did not happen the 1st time. Why is that

  17. It’s Lauren Stuff

    Thank you so much it worked on my Nintendo switch

  18. Harry Price

    Thanks man that help so much

  19. Mexplex [AmourLove - Starco]

    Do not you get banned for doing that?

  20. hazelsbagels

    OMG, It works thanks!

  21. brattbutt

    Probably cause of my version but didn't work

  22. Max ist da

    I thought this was Clickbait but it seems real.

  23. Zemonade

    Didn't work for me, but I'm probably one of a million xD

  24. Adrienne Elliott

    it wont let e ply ay of my games any more

  25. Nicolas Bischoff

    Oh thank you

  26. Jimmy K

    Thank you!! It works!!

  27. xXBlackKZoruaXx

    You can look at news and- holy shit is that uno?

  28. MrRedrock25

    outro song please

  29. Galaxy Wolf 2.0

    It's not connecting to the system

  30. nassim zway

    Its switch bru now brew lol

  31. Yorkie Yorkie5


  32. Gage: Project Senvoid

    The creator may have to pin me for this, but make sure that connect to a hidden network is on.

  33. GokuBlack Gaming

    (Unzips pants) splatoon hentai today? Nah let’s do something new today😈

  34. tragic

    It doesn't work for me..

  35. Joshua Koshy

    Does this ruin any other connection settings??

  36. Mystic Vlogger

    It surprisingly works nice

  37. Anthony Mccloud

    104 D**ks Disliked this video.

  38. Gameplayer377

    god that outro…

    But this is awsome

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