Minecraft | Nintendo Fun House | We Found Bowser Jr's SECRET Base! [446]

In this episode Number 2 has a surprise for Bowser Jr and the Fun House Gang! He takes them to the back yard where he shows off their brand new pool! But there is a secret. Behind the waterfall, Jr finds his very own secret base to spy on Mario and Luigi!

Check Out Last Episode Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1rtwpvoNsU

Minecraft | Nintendo Fun House | We Found Bowser Jr’s SECRET Base! [446]
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  1. LemmyBlock Koopa

    1:17 spoiler I found it

  2. Top Hat Silver

    Number 2, how hard do you work? And what will you do with the base if someone else found out about it? And hit anyone who complains that you were living and screwed up the timeline!

  3. The Gaming Gengar

    Your the greatest love your VIDS and Tyler!

  4. Paper Aaron64

    Number 2 could have kept the Kari koi do thing a secret and nothing much would have changed

  5. Duncan davis cool fawful1019

    I don't like secret bases

  6. Groupalings

    Gill what is you favorite book to read

  7. Bull Dozer07JC

    From Bulldozer07jc

  8. Bull Dozer07JC

    Why can’t Kermit come to the fun house number 2 is back

  9. R Bouk

    ofcoure you're not going to choose me. I've almost watched all of your video's but if you pick me i will be really happy. i sucribed on your channel and i will like this video also. thanks for the nice video's but bye

  10. noob 123

    Can I have a shoutout I like potatoes can bj shout me out

  11. hyper sonic logan

    it’s number 2s base

  12. Style AdventureFox


  13. Andrew Shepherd

    Carter is the best

  14. Ravi Alain Mbimi - Mbimi

    When are u going to have a new intro


    Cool episode fun house

  16. Diamond Miniguns


  17. Seth Shrum

    Tripoler, could you put like a little heads around the base that's kind of like the cameras?

  18. Pat Irving

    Make gill a lap plz XD

  19. J Walker

    the intro Bowser Junior was really excited!

  20. Raymundo Chapa


  21. Raymundo Chapa

    Nicely done here

  22. Raymundo Chapa

    Awesome works tripolar

  23. Andrew Purcell

    NFH season 6162626525

    We’re living in the new fortnite island for the 25378th time.

  24. Darryien Jones

    Mario should know number 2 dad was evil and jr need to notice that number 2 is his brother

  25. ZeeDaPrince

    Tri that was not the luncheon kingdom

  26. Cedric Jones

    Hi tri

  27. Cinnamon Dragon

    This conflict is like when you break your friends crayons and start a war about it. Mario fighting bowser is pointless

  28. toad 7712 Boy 7712

    Secret base oh wow

  29. Yoshi Gamer 100

    Hey Tripolar, you know when you make some sort of a crossover in every season of nintendo fun house. What I'm trying to say is. Can you do a Harry Potter and Nintendo Fun House crossover. It could be on the PC because they have Harry Potter skins. After the crossover you could make a Harry Potter series.

  30. NickoPlaytime

    Love your videos

  31. owelknight striker

    Some characters are gone in other seasons like captain dead like some will never come back

  32. Logan The Gamsta

    Oh wow

  33. Angry Skull

    I bet Tyler is going to give away that they have a secret base.

  34. Margarita Pintor


  35. Ocean Arch

    Tripolar can you do a tutorial on how to build the second fun house plzzz

  36. Kavan Amarasinghe

    YouTube is red
    Twitter is blue
    The like button is grey
    When you click it turns blue

  37. asa isitt


  38. Princess Peach

    Bowser jr was sooo cute😊

  39. Carolina Reyes

    Kirb is a god
    This comment has nothing to do with the video

  40. ColdAndreas YouTube

    Super coooll vid tri

  41. Owen M uk

    Soooooo cooool

  42. DA gamer 93542

    I Guest to Norman keep his name

  43. Gamer George14

    This video was really cool they had a Secret Base!!!!

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