NEW Xbox One Maverick Coming MAY 2019? | RGT 85


  1. RGT 85

    So what do you think? Good idea or bad idea for Microsoft?

  2. Luis Raguzzoni

    is the natural evolution of things a console without disk drive, my disks for example only serve to pick up dust, misuse them. If cheapening the hardware is even better, I'm looking forward to seeing this new Xbox Maverick

  3. A Channel Called East

    I'm willing to pay $100 but that's my limit.

  4. dennylafoss

    I wouldn't dislike all of this guys videos if he just got to his point. No one needs an intro to an intro, and then a repetitive history lesson before he gets to his point. Meanwhile all he does is repeat info anyone can already find on the web, it's not like hes doing any real fact finding here

  5. Alex Geisel

    If this was a hand held system that played digital Xbox one games that would be awesome.

  6. Andrew Tolan

    They’re testing the market in prep for the next gen.

  7. keith miles

    That system will b good for my living room when my friends come over I won’t have to get up and switch the disc this system have 2 b 99 bucks

  8. ImViruxx

    It'll not be a thing in the future Xbox consoles calm down…

  9. RageMK

    I won’t buy I cos maverick reminds me of Logan Paul

  10. Joypad Bandit

    If this was in 2013 … I would say that this would not work at all! But in 2019 and Beyond? This will be VERY successful! I haven't brought a physical game disc since 2015 and i own over 40 Xbox One titles and 40 PS4 titles … Change is coming now … Not later … So don't be that Old Man who thought the internet was to weird to ever be successful …. Don't be THAT guy! LMFAO #NextGen #StoneAge

  11. Stefan J

    The future is forced subscription to play Xbox. Also the future of Windows, unfortunately…

  12. Lance Pelissier

    I never had an X-BOX One mostly because on what happened with the X-BOX 360, since thier's only like 6 X-BOX one only games i what to play if priced right then all digital version is ok even-though i'm a disk raccoon.

  13. MySplatterhouse

    I think an all digital handheld is more digestible than an all digital home console due to the portability aspect. Frankly as long as I'm gaming from the couch, I want my physicals.

  14. John Mecca

    People are also not weighing everything we lose with this. First of all, options are good, and this new XBox is taking away our options.
    1. Back compat: I heard abt that program where they will give u a code for the games u have but it’s a trap.
    2. DVD, BLURAY, 4K bluray player, GONE!! Yes, movies are going all digital, but I still own discs, I want the OPTION, to play my discs.
    3. You owning ur game purchases, GONE!! You will never own anything, ANYTHING digital. My physical collection is worth money, my digital collection isn’t worth a penny when it comes to resale.
    Do not buy this folks, please. Our money speaks volumes, not buying this thing is the only thing they will understand abt what we want.

  15. RLaneSports

    It would be nice if you could sell your digital copy of games you don't want to someone. For $45 they get the game code, Microsoft or Sony takes $30-$35, you get $10-$15 store credit and maybe Publishers can count it as another sell.

  16. Uriel Septim

    I doubt this is true rumor. It's too soon. Xbox One X hasn't been on market for that long.

  17. James Burke

    Unfortunately it does not make good business sense for microsoft to put games pass on switch, why buy an xbox at all? and nintendo letting another company sell games on their console? nuh uh. wont happen. what might happen is more games having cross play and nintendo renting some of microsoft's servers I have no problem with that at all. Microsoft as a publisher on switch perhaps, we might see halo on switch, Cool!. I want Team Fortress 2 on switch like 2 years ago! that's off topic.

  18. Jose Briseno Jr

    I gave mine away

  19. Jose Briseno Jr

    Its just dosent play A ll the xbox 360 games at all.

  20. Jose Briseno Jr

    Nah im good

  21. wood ridge

    If they want it to be successful then #1 free trade ins of physical are a must #2 it needs at least 2tb #3 it should come with a free gamepass trail of at least 6months and #4 make it $150

  22. Nick Desert

    I still have the Xbox 360

  23. Adam Morrell

    The xboxone is a huge joke on all levels 💩
    More xboxone consoles and different coloured controllers than actual exclusive games 😂

  24. CosmicJulie

    all digital is a terrible thing

  25. ER Nurse & Gamer

    If the digital games were cheaper then $60 at launch then I would buy digital but I am NOT going to spend that amount on digital when I can spend the same amount on a physical copy that I can own and then resell or lend to a friend if needed.

  26. keith miles

    Can you look up external hard drive’s to the system if so how many

  27. Mrsushi1011

    Waste of money

  28. Lance Romance

    I just have a feeling Microsoft, is just giving this a test. To see how well or how bad it would do, by taking the disk drive out.

  29. Unhappymike

    A good name would be "microsoft Digital".

  30. gamernaut88

    I got 2 words for Microsoft. PSP GO.

  31. Jordan Johnson

    I'm waiting on lockheart and the others

  32. John Jurmu

    It's probably them testing the waters to see if console gamers are ready to ditch physical media.

  33. Jon Maksin

    The problem I have with this model can best be displayed by looking at Nintendo closing the Wii Shop. Once a company pulls the plug on the service, all of your property goes with it. People as a whole stand to lose billions of dollars over time as their purchases become unavailable. It's not as bad on PC since the platform stays pretty much the same over the years. But with console manufacturers moving on with each generation, this will become a huge problem very quickly.

  34. charles Whitman

    You know what doesn't have a disc drive? My pc hahahahaha why I need an Xbox anymore

  35. joek money

    Is the one x better than this??????

  36. Narcolepsykid

    I live in the country. If I even want to watch a youtube video i have to do it in town.
    More games should have local multi player.

  37. Curtis Smith

    Your videos are cool but I hate your intro bro. Change it up a bit

  38. LostStripes

    Xbox just needs to make a portable system like the switch and bam they would have all there fans back since the 360

  39. Cliffton Coffey


  40. Jacob Baranowski

    When this comes out I will get a Xbox one S

  41. Jacob Baranowski

    I still have not played a Xbox one

  42. Black J

    From the moment the console became all digital, I’ll quit playing.

  43. Henry Jones Jr.

    I don't see how it's confusing at all that MS would release another console for this generation. At the end of the day, it's not the technical specs that have allowed MS to fall behind, but the games actually available on the system and the brand itself.

    MS could release a behemoth for £99 and it still wouldn't become mainstream unless the content and image is there.

  44. Gameplay & Reviews

    You forgot the Sega CDX 🙂

  45. john N

    if during christmas it sales for $120 i will buy one….even if it has a 500gb drive…

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