The Humble Xbox Maverick


  1. YoChillOutBro

    Underrated channel right here ๐Ÿ‘

  2. PointnClick

    If its less then 200 then ill buy it instead of the Switch which is 300

  3. DuoDudes

    Can't wait to see PC players complain about no competitive play…

  4. dogbog99

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    I bet you go to townnnn when eating a good ice lolly, gone in seconds, no mess.
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    That mouth bounces all over the place itโ€™s fascinating how many peculiar movements that mouth of yours can do.
    Cool into tho.

  5. dogbog99

    Wow dude your really ugly unfortunately. You ever been told that you kind of look like Wallace from Wallace and Gromit. CHEEESEEEE GROMIT!!!
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  6. Vile Begger

    canโ€™t wait to play halo on pc

  7. Nathan G

    So…..where's the games, Brad? We keep hearing about consoles, controllers, studios, dolls, mobil, arcade and PC exclusives, Play Anywhere, Game Pass, but NO GAMES!!!!!

  8. HaloFollower

    EXCITED MAN!!! subbed

  9. 3,000,000,000 subscribers

    I never buy disk for my one s anyway so a diskless one s is pretty cool

  10. El Patchino

    the way ur mouth moves when u talk is intresting

  11. Markus Chief

    For some 150$ A good option as a gift for a kid +gamepass.
    Also for those who doesn't own an Xbox (PS4 or Switch owners)
    A cheap option to play Halo, Forza, Gears and other MS exclusives, also gamepass.
    They may even like it enough to decide buying next Xbox.
    Not appealing for us who already have an Xbox one X of course.
    But a nice option either way.

  12. Truewiddy -

    Did this guy say this thing is good for gamers why do xbox fanboys always damage control for Microsoft it's like you don't want better

  13. Dual Purpose

    I figured out that MS is coming out with these new consoles to increase profitability. They stop making chipset orders at 36.3 million. Now they will continue to manufacture SAD boxes much cheaper than S and maybe continue more X production. Right now the consoles sold are sitting at 30 to 32 million so who knows if they will manufacture more Xs

  14. garrett karnap

    This is the worst console design I've ever herd I feel like Microsoft losing it touch

  15. Zack Brangen

    Xbox S All-Digital
    S All Digital
    S A D

    Xbox SAD.


  16. Shyh Horng

    I am not sure if this will help Microsoft being so late in the current console generation but it will be a nice device to bundle free with a 2 year Game Pass subscription.

  17. KingCoin 420

    Everyone including youtubers are dumb and forgetting that xbox said you can trade in your hard copys for digital ones so everyone needs to chill.

  18. Marc S.

    I didn't hear a single word you said about the Xbox One SAD because I couldn't stop staring at your mouth contorting all over the place.


    But why it has that button that ejects the disc if it doesn't have a disc drive.

    Sorry for bad english.

  20. Venom415

    I'm still a physical Media person, I like the fact I can still share games with friends; or sell it when I don't need it. Only thing that annoys me is the large file sizes for Xbox one games that should be compressed a lot more. These diskless systems will need a lot more than 1 TB to be viable with those game sizes because I'm sure no one wants to delete their 100gb games (and redownload them later) to make space for other titles. I'm still iffy on Mavericks success but we'll see what the masses decide.

  21. Silux Khan

    That sounds really cool!! I'm glad my Xbox one s has a disc drive

  22. Alex martin

    I honestly like keeping disc though in case something happens to my account

  23. Voldemort

    Is the MCC thing actually true? Holy hell, i have been waiting for this my entire life!

  24. gmanyyavailable

    Hope we'll get regional pricing in the all-digital console era

  25. Jay G.

    All digital 2015-16 – If MS gave me a 400โ‚ฌ โ€œXโ€ I wouldnโ€™t even be mad

  26. Ronnie Williams

    SouljaBrad Tell'em

  27. Maverick Gomez

    Yo I wanna be the first to get a xbox maverick.

  28. Jimmy Altos

    Xbox Mattrick, the dickless Xbox One. No internet? Buy an Xbox 360.

  29. Joshua Levy

    Microsoft has to do something of ripping disc licenses to gamertags before somone can invest in such a console. Also how will backwards xbox 360 compatability work? It seems they are excluding such a group.

  30. stavros haramis

    As long as you don't make fun of WP you have my support Brad. Why wouldn't we believe in you? You also look at the comments which is great!

  31. stavros haramis

    Yeah, saw the interview as well. Excited for Infinite regardless.

  32. Jack Tomlinson

    Xbox One S All Digital. Xbox One SAD

  33. Marlowe Vera Cruz

    ofcourse xbots gonna overhype it as fuck as if its having exclusives!!!

  34. Deeke777

    It's so cool to get these trends right on the money. I personally thought it'd be a set top box like Project Hobart but I'm glad it's a fully-fledged Xbox One S model.

  35. Must Stash


  36. Must Stash

    Hey Brad please say "That's Bad News Bears" in your next ๐Ÿ˜‚

  37. pal sung

    Keep up the good work Brad

  38. Rampage T

    Xbox one S A D

  39. Edmgamer Ultra

    The road to Xbox Lockhart starts this May…๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  40. Clark Kent ll

    Iโ€™m surprised ur not over the 500000 mark with subscribers

  41. Miqueas Caleb

    Love all your hard work Brad, and always when there is rumours flying around I go back to your channel to see if they're true. You're just that precise!

  42. speedyjr

    343 did say they have a huge update for MCC this month. Maybe thats the PC release?!?!

  43. jeff man

    Your channel deserves much much more subscribers.

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