How to add Uplay games onto Steam

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  1. zubyruby

    try right clicking the shortcut and click open file location

  2. ToxicSpecter


  3. Mateo Burić


  4. David Šatan

    Thanks it helps a lot <3

  5. eggz.Gaming

    thank you this was a very good video and it worked for me 😀

  6. Tanner065

    Actually useless

  7. A3T1V4T3D Clan

    what if it isnt downloaded yet? my problem is it isnt downloaded, and i try to download it on uplay and it goes to steam

  8. KishkaGaming

    ur cute

  9. kasper post jensen

    thx a lot, it was really helpfull

  10. MR CAT

    is it okay if I get horny from this voice

  11. Maven CZ


  12. Raymond Espera

    once you connect it…. can you buy all stuff about any ubisoft games like season pass and DLC????

  13. Mišo Chovanec

    Thx for help bro <3

  14. Mohammed Taoufik

    pls for rainbow

  15. Cyklon B

    Thanks very múch for this video it helps me so much👍

  16. Akhmad Yudo

    "non steam mod or shortcut" either there aren't any achievement, minutes record, etc hm. If my steam friends look my library, they'll think that game is crack

  17. Peter Parker

    I'll have to open UPlay first though, right? Or will it open up automatically if I launch the shortcut?

  18. Yohki

    thanks mate

  19. Ariel Glick

    can you play with steam friends in game?

  20. Ante Duvnjak

    youre stupid

  21. Sky Marbles

    dude such a simple proccess u made is so complicated …

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  23. blouberguy

    love your voice . very hellpful thanks man

  24. swiiish

    Thank you this helped me 😀

  25. Sup

    very helpful thankyou!

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  27. Headless Musician

    Finally a video that explains that you can't link it through steam, ok thanks, it's a shame though because my friends probs think it ain't legit when it says "Non-steam game"

  28. DoozyLegit

    hey are you going to be making gaming vids? if so wanna collab?

  29. Badday19

    cool cool

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  32. Eugenio Gatica

    it worked thanks !

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