PlayStation VR 2 – PSVR2 : Concept Design, Welcome to the future of Gaming – VR4Player

This video is not an official Sony Interactive Entertainement ad. It was entirely created to illustrate an article on the website. All the elements which compose it are only an artist’s view and have nothing official.

Cette vidéo n’est pas une publicité officielle de Sony Interactive Entertainement. Elle a été entièrement créée dans le but d’illustrer un article sur le site internet Tous les éléments qui l’a composent sont seulement une vue d’artiste et n’ont rien d’officiel.

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Un énorme merci à tous nos tipeurs !, le site numéro 1 en France exclusivement consacré à l’actualité du PlayStation VR – PSVR.

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  1. Paulo Lameiras

    Well, that would be amazing!

  2. Isaiah Colon

    Let me wait and save so i can get psvr2

  3. iron man 1979

    VR gaming is Amazing. Bring PSVR2 to India.

  4. BackSpacəTM

    That's hot… or should I cool because of the fans

  5. 根暗*



    prwnie dalej i tak przez ta gume beda parowac

  7. ダンガンロンパ


  8. Jeff Besse

    Glad I waited!

  9. Seb Da Beast

    If this is true and everything that was bad about this PSVR we have now the old one got improved to the point where like it’s so good you’ll probably just pass out. Only once though!!! I will definitely get it then can’t wait for PSVR 2 boiii

  10. الإختلاف والإحتراف مع الروبيك

    يلي حب الله يشترك

  11. Major Teen Gaming

    What kind of tracking will it have?

  12. burngwngs


  13. gaming forlifeNL

    I just bought the psvr….

  14. viper 9803

    Saving up now for it

  15. matias y las aventuras de la isi

    Y como no se van a la conchetumaree!!! Acabo de comprar los vr del ps4 y ahora.sacan otro??? Insisto, VALLANCE A LA CONCHESUMAREE!!!!

  16. Tommy Vance

    One tracking camera would be ridiculously bad. What a shit guess at the new prototype.

  17. John Lewis

    I knew this is going to b happens 2019 and I’m still don’t have PlayStation VR
    come on Sony I’m waiting , wireless or I can get wire $$$$ less

  18. trickman8


  19. Fearless Thief

    How much? Give me a price and I’ll pay!

  20. Зелинский Валерий

    Давайте давайте ребята. Наконецто пошло развитие ВИАР, наверное скоро будет виар устройство априори входящим во все игровые приставки а игры перекочуют на виар технологии. Очень хотелось бы поиграть в ведьмака на виаре.

  21. бычок 228 класно класно

    Блин это технологично

  22. Keith Anderson

    When is this coming out ?

  23. POLAK

    Realny nice

  24. Not another Dope Show


  25. Евгений Питер

    That's when SONY will start making enough games for VR, then I'll consider buying this helmet or not.

  26. kaizeur 123

    When this come out, no need for a TV anymore

  27. IIll IIll

    I love My PSVR as well just wish there was better content. Imagine if they made GTA/online for VR! I know it would never happen but wishful thinking. Lol

  28. Jo

    I also have PSVR and it's so cool. For all those who want to experience VR only recommended. Is really fun on the PS.

  29. RubberBand Clan


  30. devus

    htc vive better

  31. devus

    че за унитаз

  32. murat ercan

    teknoloji beni çıldırtıyor.umarım bır gun benliğimi internet ağına yükleyenlerden olurum.yada bir gun uzaylılarla temas eden kısılerden.sonsuz hayat ve ordaki cennete ulaşmalıyım.yok olup gıtmeyi kabul edemıyorum.

  33. Rui Ferreira

    If the intent is to have specific vr gameplay modes they can put it back the drawer 😑.
    Full games in vr bring it on 😀

  34. Jan Kowalski

    Can't wait!

  35. Chellah

    Gonna have to wait till 5G hits the market

  36. World Adventurer

    It would be great if it happens, but looking at the specs this will be expensive.


    Ah so all this time I was just product testing for Sony.

  38. Brandon Harding

    Is it real

  39. Snapdragon 9600

    If you dont mind floaty hands and jump points messing up the ambience of the game. Or how some viewpoints look stretched, like in Skyrim, must make that headgear smaller too, like sunglasses smaller, even magic leap sized for a start.

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