10 TRIPLE A Nintendo Switch ESHOP SALE


  1. mrwannabeme23

    Always come to your channel for the sales news but could you maybe put both pounds and US dollar amounts for us Americans too that would be awesome!

  2. Tsuki Itsubi

    Except it's not even for NA so it's pointless :/

  3. Tadeotaker2

    Cuándo se pone el descuento para Mario odisey?

  4. Camilo Vidal

    No me aparecen

  5. NoLaKazi

    When the hell is Saints Row coming they better stop playing 😂😂

  6. cloudlocke

    Wow, great sale!

  7. Gato Brujo

    Is this the EU shop?

  8. TS

    Arms? Triple A? You kidding 😀

  9. Jordie84

    Damn. All of these are on sale in Australia store except for the game I want, Octopath Traveller. Do you guys recommend that over Xenoblade Chronicles 2? I'm in search for a jrpg.

  10. Nelson Leonel

    Thank you

  11. Clock Tower Prison

    The beginning of crash looked like a game journalist was playing.

  12. LStrongYT

    33% off of games because it’s Easter and Jesus died on the cross at 30, rose again, and died at 33 years old

  13. Rammor

    Thank you bro you’re the la noire always want to play that game best thing to gta

  14. Craig Morgan

    This only uk sales, but nice 👍🏽

  15. Carolyn Klement

    Love you guys. Keep it up!
    You're still my main Switch news site!

  16. Nexas Aurelias

    Wait so these are all on the UK shop

  17. blue flame

    No entiendo por que los ultimos dos tienen graficos de play 3… Me parece un insulto, pienso que podrian haberle puesto mas empeño, es una gran consola, y si puede correr el wolfenstein || con esos graficos tan asombrosos, no creo que tenga problemas en correr un fifa DECENTE.

  18. Banana 974

    SKYRIM 🤞🖤

  19. Tim LaValley

    I just want Pikmin 1 through 3 for the Switch while I wait for 4

  20. otogigamer

    No one is buying games in UK cause they have all the good sales

  21. bowmansparks

    Uk only video is a waste of time. Got me excited for nothing. And its not the first time. Unsubscribed

  22. IXMXM

    I preordered darksouls now I regret it because of the price drop lol, still addicted to it and play it on switch everyday though

  23. dave theo

    What country world be UK region ? I'm setting up a second account

  24. Celal Cayci

    I hate that dupstep introo beat

  25. Liedx funx

    Well I'm unsure if the sales are different from EU (France here) than UK, can you guys confirm about these sales being the same as in UK ? :
    -10% Hob
    -15% Monster Boy
    -25% Dreamworks Dragons
    -30% Zelda BothW , Street Fighter 30th Aniversary Collection , Warriors Orochi 4 (+deluxe edition)
    -33% Mario Odyssey , Diablo , Xenoblade Chronicles 2 , Octopass Traveler , Wolfenstein II , ARMS
    -35% Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy
    -40% Rocket League , Asterix&Obelix XXL2
    -42% Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate
    -50% Skyrim , Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle (+Gold Edition) , Gear Club.Unlimited 2 , DOOM , Flashback
    -59% Just Dance 2019 , South Park: The Fractured but Whole
    -60% FIFA19 , L.A. Noire , Starlink Deluxe
    -63% Rayman Legends
    -67% Just Dance 2017 , Just Dance 2018
    -69% Starlink
    Plus a ton of other cool AA and indie games…

  26. Zargon Gameron

    Copy paste game from Android. Switch is death I repeat Switch game is death guys!👎

  27. VideosFrom Lifes

    Intro song?

  28. Bierschelle

    And what about civilization? It's fuckin 10 bucs for PC. Just do a 90% sale! 🙂

  29. Matt Fox

    Bait nd Switch. Next time it doesnt say its from Europe only I'm unsubscribing.

  30. Spideraole WoW

    triple aaa que ya se jugaron

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