A Closer Look At The New Zelda PowerA Controller For Nintendo Switch

The new Zelda controller from PowerA features Zelda dead center on the front of the Enhanced Wireless Controller from PowerA. This controller looks really good in person with the only big exception being the oddly colored D-Pad along with a glossy plastic top. Otherwise for Zelda fans this is a really cool controller for the collection and I hope PowerA continues to get more creative with the Nintendo Licensing for designs.

Zelda PowerA Controller (Aff Link): https://amzn.to/2I9bBve

PowerA Controller Teardown: https://youtu.be/owd57VBLqnM

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  1. Spawn Wave

    The PowerA Controller Teardown video is here: https://youtu.be/owd57VBLqnM

    Thanks for watching!

  2. Jordan Gish

    How did he mount the boxes on the wall?

  3. MonsieurWatcher

    Every single time I see that picture of Zelda it looks like her hands are cleavage. I can't be the only one

  4. teehundeart

    It's so pretty šŸ˜

  5. Brickmotion Studios

    Why is there a black dot between the capture and the home button? Did I miss something?

  6. mauken-dyn

    It's so pretty.

  7. Colin MacDaniels

    The blue dpad looks ok. But it would look better if they incorporated that blue as accents else where on the controller.

  8. Drewsefer89

    A Zelda controller that's wireless & motion controls. SOLD!

    Edit: Eww AA batteries. What is this Xbox? (Still gonna buy it though.)

  9. Shataraterevar

    Other than the flower, the art on this looks awful. Look at it from a distance, the entire image of Zelda blurs into someting that looks like some juice got spilled on the controller. The blue D-pad is a contrast, but looks so strange and out of place. I get the reference, but it's overkill. Generaly a big minus for the graphic design of this one for me;/

  10. KaiiKiller

    Actually use the controller for more than 2 months before saying it's worth money.

  11. Clutchsky Vinyl

    from a distance it looked like the controller has spaghetti sauce on it

  12. Christopher Horan

    I thought from the thumbnail that it was a white pro controller covered in Spaghetti-o's….. *Here's your controller bro*

  13. Sherlock BONES

    Looks like dog shit caked on in different degrees.

  14. Flying Spaghetti Monster

    Zelds tiddies

  15. Z Katt

    How well do the Dpad and triggers function?

  16. Z Katt

    Take that dpad out and paint it white, and BAM. Perfection.

  17. Azril Azman

    No earphones jack

  18. Lazy Gambit

    TBH Iā€™d rather have rumble then motion controls

  19. Mark Spurlock

    I have the green Link silhouette controller and dig it. Actually wish I could get that to work on my PS4 because I like it a little more than the DualShock 4.

  20. FatBoy Diesel

    No HD Rumble, but does it even rumble in the first place? I love the design and always contemplated getting one.

  21. Andrew Nieto

    Definite buy


    but the color though…. it looked like someone puked on the controller on thumbnail xD

  23. SmoothOp

    Imma pass for $50, double AA batteries and not to have HD Rumble and NFC.

  24. Sprits Fal

    Nice pic of Zelda on it but that's it imo. The brown/golden buttons look bad and the blue D-pad is very out of place. At least make one other piece blue like that. I guess they were going for the Hylian blue or Master Sword blue?

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