Minecraft 1.14 just released! | PlayStation 4 Edition

Thank you 4J Studios! Let’s explore the new features and get lost doing so. Also, new texture pack! !discord #Minecraft #Update #Survival



  1. Destiny Ddayloaf

    I recently got the update actually today, and I have pillagers and lanterns etc. but I do not have Ravager’s or foxes or berries etc. what do I do?? Why is it happening? It seems that I only have half of the update… I am on PlayStation 4

  2. John Esquea

    DR S. Can I join

  3. John Esquea

    Why not do the same thing as PC so it wouldn't be that hard to get the update to the consumer

  4. Hello There

    You earned a sub.thx

  5. GeoffreyForever

    Aye mate just saw ur guardian video …cheers!! I really quite enjoyed it and just subbed.. however Im curious towards ur gaurdian farm… are u ever planning on doing a tutorial for it?

  6. TheSaltySnake

    I'm glad you respond to your comments ,unlike other youtubers,even if their small streamers

  7. tunfisksalat 2

    Dude you got so many views and subs during the stream

  8. TheSaltySnake

    I could not message you on discord after ten minutes…

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