Unboxing Xbox One S Anthem Bundle (1TB)

Tap into the excitement of Anthem: Legion of Dawn Edition with this new Xbox One S Bundle.

Get yours: https://www.xbox.com/en-us/xbox-one/consoles/xbox-one-s/anthem-1tb

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• Xbox One S Console
• Full game download of Anthem: Legion of Dawn Edition
• Xbox Wireless Robot White Controller
• 1 Month EA Access
• 1 Month Xbox Live Gold
• 1 Month Xbox Game Pass
• Batteries

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Audio Description:

Xbox One S Console:
• Comes in Robot White
• Has 1TB storage
• Watch 4K Blue-ray movies
• Stream 4K videos
• Listen to music through your favorite apps and more
• Xbox One family settings let you choose privacy, screen time, and content limits for each family member
• Over 1300 games from the biggest blockbusters and most popular franchises to three generations of favorites you can experience again for the first time

Xbox Game Pass Trial:
• Play 100 games out of the box with this included one-month trail of Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Live Gold Trial
• 1M Xbox Live gold trial so you can play multiplayer with your friends on the most advanced multiplayer network

EA Access
• 1M EA Access so you can play selected games published by EA along with additional incentives

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Audio Description: https://youtu.be/2VFGf29YN3U



  1. ariep 123

    Anthem …. Really??? 😑😑😑

  2. Edgar Avila

    Xbox all digital edition¿?

  3. Gabriel Lopes

    XBOX ONE S 😍😍😍

  4. UmMalucoNoPedaço II

    Tem BRs ??

  5. Casszs Deletor

    Lol… Seriously!!? ,Anthem!!?

  6. Manuel Martínez


  7. Con Giuse Vai sciallo

    I want Euro Truck Simulator 2 on Xbox One

  8. Knil

    Anthem 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. Smash Hit Network Kapamilya

    Xbox One X With Shia LaBeouf!



  11. The Mobster Muffin

    Gotta brick them xboxes to.

  12. GmW Tedoh/


  13. Führer Kun

    Why so late the unboxing?

  14. Random Person

    Go play Destiny/Destiny 2. Its better

  15. Theron Williams

    I'm guessing that, like bioware, you guys haven't played the game either?

  16. Nova I Tokyo

    The Xbox One S Exploded

  17. 123 LetsGo!

    i have ps4pro but i want an xbox too.. should i got myself this one? 😅

  18. Flux Marsh

    Are you effing serious? Getting rid of your legacy optical-S's will take more incentive than that P.O.S…..jeez, Larry, are you drunk?

  19. Big Boss

    This bundle should be free. Cos it might fry your console!

  20. Mihailo Štrbac

    2 days free xbox live gold

  21. Bluepencil

    Where’s your conscience microsoft?

  22. XB_Braylon108

    I got the Xbox one X

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