WORLD WAR Z Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 FULL GAME – No Commentary (PC Ultra)

WORLD WAR Z Full Game WalkthroughThis is our World War Z Gameplay Walkthorugh that covers the main campaign with No Commentary and includes All Missions and the Ending.

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  1. Rox Requiem

    At 2:57:52 the inner samurai activated from the cringiest weeb bloodline of otakus

  2. Rox Requiem

    At 2:57:22 the inner samurai activated from the cringiest weeb bloodline of otakus

  3. Zoey Rochelle Zhombie

    BO-RING!!!!!If Max is trying to gain the same notoriety as his father, it's NOT going to happen. Mel Brooks is GOD. Max Brooks, you SUCK.I know that books, games and movies don't follow the same guidelines because they CAN'T to some degree, but the book and movie had NOTHING to do with each other, and the ONLY reason to movie came to fruition was because of Brad Pitt. But THIS…….. this is just HORRIBLE.

  4. Сука Блять

    Jordans: 2:01:53

  5. Yehett Oharatt

    Wtf the textures?!!

  6. Inquisitor Krieger

    Game is buggy. Does it freeze and get wonky for anyone else at the end of a level?

  7. Black 《ICTS》

    Downlod Link ?

  8. G1 Grimlock

    New York falling apart 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  9. The galaxy Bjorn

    2:37:08 is my fav part

  10. Henrickson Agunias

    Am I the only one who's pissed off because he's not using the defense thingy properly? Like seriously the mortar is sitting there, and the moment he uses it, there's almost no zombies to use it at.

  11. Bridget c


  12. Jamie B

    I'm sorry. But it seems to have zero jeopardy. Frankly tired of good looking zombie games that throw the zombie rules out of the window just to have pleasing visuals. These hordes don't even equal panic because an up close encounter with a zombie doesn't mean your death or even being turned.
    "Wow, they're swarming, but I can get close to them, and they can touch me, so who cares".

  13. Em Pask

    This game looks really nice but is there a Story or is this game only 3 hours long? Is it fun to play it I really wanna play the game but idk


    453rd comment
    Thanks for uploading it

  15. Chosen Guy

    7:45 that poor soldier getting whacked is hilarious.

  16. Manticore


  17. Rogent X

    Definitely left 4 dead nostalgic

  18. Jason Borne

    OMG.. just buy this game for PS4, full of glitch, maybe is ok for Xbox, but for PS4 is horrible, I can'not believe my eyes, sad, very sad.

  19. Patriotic Justice

    Is it just me or do the infected seem a lot slower in the game compared to the movie?

  20. Just Hans

    1.50. 18slavs can't turn into zombies they are to drunk for it

  21. Yanko Mitkov

    Keep doing the good work bro I'm watching every video

  22. Aaron Cespedes

    DLC – left 4 dead 2 … or left 4 dead 2.5

  23. Evil Little Sister

    Through all of negative comments. Remember, this is a Pre-release/Beta build of the game. It’s not a final stage of the game. There will be more of update and change in the future.

  24. DepriverOfSouls

    Definitely a "Left for Dead" clone… If you played either of them, then you probably played this one unknowingly.. This is too painful to watch.

  25. Eza Junior

    part 2 pleaseeee 😱

  26. Ghost Rider

    Left 4 dead reborn

  27. Just Hans

    Only non console peasant walk through YouTuber love it


    Just it's game?

  29. TheCarloscastro52

    Can you play mode 1 single player ?. Can you play offline?

  30. Lord Vecna

    Can we get a zombie kill count?

  31. Evil Little Sister

    4:28 10$

    4:42 8$
    2$ shipping.

  32. hello neibor

    They really just hit copy and paste on the division 1

  33. vikx512

    I knew it would draw inspiration from L4D but this is disappointing, it is simply a clone and only 3 hour long as well. Guess the devs dodged a bullet with their Epic exclusivity, wouldn't want the "mixed " review to be publicly visible on the sales page would they. Regardless nice playthough.

  34. wisnu aji

    Finally, left 4 dead 3 after years of waiting

  35. hard mode

    WAIT…ls this the entire campain or is this a horrible joke? l mean, the game weights 29 GB, why someone would make it that way?Or do they think this is an actual profitable wayto make survival horror games? l dont get it…

  36. M. Connors

    I did not pre-order the game so, unfortunately, I've missed out on the 4 pre-order bonus weapons. Any idea if they will be available later? Or, unlockable in the game? I'm not sure how pre-order bonuses work. The 'Lobotomizer' shovel looks like fun.

  37. Shi2yu

    yes it's L4D 2
    just rambo vs zombie
    nothing new

  38. Sixpacman Gaming

    good play! like a pros

  39. You’re all Insects

    No customization of any kind. Only 3 maps. 3 hours long. Boring missions. Man people actually bought this ? Games today are so god awful.

  40. Kanha Gupta

    Are the rest 3 players computer/console controlled??

  41. ToyBitz -

    Bro u play like a kid. U pick up guns everytime you open a crate. So annoying.

  42. erick sebastian

    Para quien juega left 4 dead 2 todavia, "bind "p" thirdpersonshoulder" y tienen un World War Z con mods y mapas customs y mucho mas …

  43. erick sebastian

    Dijeron que seria inmersivo, dijeron que seria original y unico, dijeron que solo seria un Left 4 Dead (2) de manera espiritual, buen "COPY PASTE" EN 4K …

  44. igor soares

    Sou novo no youtube, to postando jogando stealth da uma olhada, ver se alquem gosta link

  45. ZXC Gamings

    2:53:28 a Zombie is skating to his Death HAHAHAH

  46. Crossrider Otaku

    This is what I callbof Zombie Game this is the best of all

  47. SeuMelhorAmigo

    L4d3 gameplay reveal!

  48. Jepson Duel

    Very good game, I like it!

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