10 NEW Nintendo Switch eShop Games Worth Buying

What GOOD Nintendo Switch games are Worth Buying on the eShop? feat. AlphaOmegaSin // 10 BEST Games for Switch that money can BUY! Nindies on Nintendo Switch! Katana Zero, Cuphead & more! eShop GIFT CARDS! – https://amzn.to/2BNZOgd

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  1. BeatEmUps

    HUGE Thank you to Alphaomegasin, who came out of early retirement just for this collab! ๐Ÿ˜ & Thank YOU for watching! Hit that like button, HAAAAIRRFLIP on the sub bottom, oh and share this video around with people that need to buy more Switch games! SEE YOU NEXT TIME

  2. Lorenzo D.

    15:58 that futurama reference though!!! great Video man

  3. SwitchPlays

    Chakra in a can

  4. Alan

    is it me or I can't view Katana zero in the eshop?

  5. Matthew Bailey

    Wood: Games like Maniac Mansion, Monkey Island, Sam and Max, Grim Fandango… Need I continue?

    Me: Yes! One more!
    "WILLY BEAMISH" anyone?

  6. conall mckeown

    Love alpha hopefully he will come back to YouTube doing is usually ranting and discussion videos soon

  7. SpiffyStan

    If it's not a switch exclusive I'll buy it on PS4

  8. Enigmalake

    Wandersong. Wandersong. Wandersong.

  9. bryan rustenhoven

    Daedelic and its root Daedalus are pronounced as DAY-dalus/lic. Not bashing you, just correcting ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Marvin The Martian

    Play Trรผberbrook it's a point and click with real enviorments it's realy beautifull

  11. Estrea Williams

    I'm really glad Deponia is on this list. Daedalic makes such amazing games, but in my opinion they don't get the attention they deserve. But I do have to say that I didn't buy Deponia for Switch because I've got all of them for PC in my shelf as well as the night of the rabbit. All the others I've got on steam because they are often on sale. I would say if you really want them, get them as Hardware. If you want a great game for a cheap prize, put it in your wish list on Steam and get them for four dollars.

  12. Ez Clap

    3:50 playing with p-dough
    That sounds so wrong

  13. Andy Cot

    Thanks got "The Way" for a bargain ๐Ÿ‘

  14. mysticalknightofjack

    Man I miss Alpha

  15. Paul Sheldon

    Hellblade doen't have a permadeath it was just a red herring.

  16. ludus zelenko

    buying on ps involves condoning throwing kids into cobalt mines to die, because that's what Sony had to do to bring ps4 to market, and that's too high a cost for me. I'd rather just not buy at all.

  17. GuyWhoPaysTheRent

    Good to see Alpha is still alive

  18. Luca

    1:20 Cuphead
    2:30 Claybook
    4:30 Shakedown Hawaii (at 4:48 talking aboiut some sec about Retro City Rampage)
    6:05 Deponia
    8:40 The Way Remastered
    10:10 Steamworld Quest
    11:45 Overwhelm
    14:05 Planet Alpha
    16:10 Katana Zero
    18:40 Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice

  19. Scott Justice

    So little content on the Switch that people are reduced to talking about crappy budget indie titles. Pretty sad really. They should have made it at least powerful enough to run a version of current gen multi platform games.

  20. TheGunslinger019

    Loved that Futurama reference of Alphaomega ๐Ÿ˜‚

  21. Chris Byrnes

    Would love to see the deathspank games ported over to switch. They were so much fun.

  22. Alexander Poljansek

    Got the Deponia Collection for free from Humble Bundle. Pretty good game.

  23. TheGunslinger019

    Great sales right now on the eshop! And every adventure game player out there you can also try The Journey Down which is fantastic.

  24. Ruric

    Katana Zero is a bitesize masterpiece.
    Also chronnos means time in Greek ๐Ÿ˜‰

  25. Andrew Flores

    Isn't that the intro music to the Ben Shapiro show?

  26. devicat6

    Hey buddy try "The Swords Of Ditto" the game is a ton of fun and has co-op. Plus i think you will not a certain zelda flare to it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  27. Sleepy_Kitten03

    So sorry if this has been asked 100 times. But where can I find that switch attachment you use. Love the handles on that thing. Looks like it would make long gaming sessions so much more comfortable. Thanks in advance!

  28. Matthew Falls

    Thanks! I love knowing which games are a safe bet. I love the Switch, but GEEZE thereโ€™s a lot of crap on there. Have you seen the Japanime panty game? Eye roll

  29. Scott Michael Hedge

    I just get nausea whenever I visit the Switch E-shop.

  30. Gooch359

    Thanks for telling me about The Way, its less then a pound here in the uk and I managed to get it with my store points so it was FREE!
    You are the only person I watch that informs me of little things like this, everyone else gets caught up in the new releases so thank you, stay awesome!

  31. messi1010ramirez

    I really appreciate you for getting me into shakedown Hawaii . Itโ€™s fan fuckintastic

  32. noratata

    I love this channel, the slurping reminds me of graveyardgirl's videos, not that is a bad thing but .. man, that has been done so much already.

  33. hotel for dogs 2 and also 1

    The music in the background is used for the Ben Shapiro show xD

  34. Lucas C.T.

    i think theres is to many pixel games (they are betiful but), some of them are really fun, but now it's becomeing an indie sure sell game. to many pixel games may fool you..

  35. Eleasha Balverde

    Glad that The Way is still $0.99 on the eshop still ๐Ÿ™‚ I just received a switch for my birthday so it's one of the few games i picked up. Glad i watched this video before the game went back to $15

  36. William Keller

    how about a list of the games you suggest? instead of a 21 min fluff vid?

  37. Super sayain Gohan

    Can you do a video on darkest dungeon for the switch?

  38. Aaron Davis

    Overwhelm on Labo VR.

  39. Ben Koehn

    coffee? no band energy drink?!!!

  40. BMO


  41. Daniel Valero

    Is he cute or what?

  42. Beatriz Diaz

    You forgot duck game thatโ€™s the real hidden gem

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