I Buy a Kid a PC if we WIN a game of Fortnite


  1. Avxry

    If we get 10,000 LIKES on the video I will Vlog the delivery

  2. Derek Roberts

    That runescape music though.

  3. Joel Reaper

    buy me one please

  4. Dino Srnec

    Yoooo come play with me, I am saving up for a pc for 1k$ lool

  5. JustThatSimple

    You should find Xbox players that already don't have a computer… Or PS4

  6. KALEN12332

    I play On Australian severs so this will never happen to me

  7. PreviousDawn 720

    Play with vikk again pls

  8. Scripty

    If you get him a walmart pc im going to be disapointed

  9. Spelty

    Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

  10. Andrew Herrera

    Who is here after avery buys the pc?

  11. DaeNaku

    I hope you included a mic with that PC.

  12. w3slin

    your amazing to other people love ya

  13. Dusty Midget

    Did u give it to him?

  14. Cozy

    You didn’t get him one?

  15. Rise_ D4rkb0W

    Avxry is a Good person

  16. Unknowingly Vids


  17. Mistical no name

    I live in New Jersey

  18. Giu -reckless.

    dat scam for get 10mins woooow….

  19. awesome man

    I know this is fake because it went from 5 dollars to a pc

  20. Bob Yu

    Pretty obvious why you posted this video, it's not like you aren't going to give a pc in thie video xD

  21. Tomas Meneses

    Didnt they win?? Wheres the part he bought the pc??

  22. Justin

    wtf was that outro

  23. Li Jö

    wer're his pc at bro?

  24. C1AN3K

    It's really hard to find a kid in a game for kids

  25. PandazZ

    Wish I was that kid😢


    More one boy then dont even worth it doesn’t deserve it

  27. Beast Playz

    Avrxy I didn’t know u were from NJ bud! So am I !

  28. ohAqua

    This is crazy lol I see all the video with people getting shootouts and 1000 dollars and now a Pc it's crazy I would never be that lucky

  29. Swan

    Lol I know slick

  30. Jason larned


  31. Dtx Spiderz

    2:20 were did ur nose go lol

  32. rivaldo hernan788

    I live in new jersey

  33. 0_ 0

    5 days after my birthday

  34. Soccer Skin

    Yaaaaaaaa Nasty with that Deagle

  35. I'm Gay

    I bought not “I buy” avxry

  36. TheBoss 123

    I got dat skin

  37. Will Sanguily

    Sir I would like a pc too? U ain’t forgetting bout me right?

  38. Mega Doge

    Nice gap

  39. Shant Korhonian

    I’ve been watching since before 100k btw

  40. Pedro amato Nerdy

    My name and s pedro

  41. MiniCrabThe3rd

    Wish i could get a good pc

  42. GunShot YT

    U are so nice man 🙂

  43. Cameron Olatunji

    I’m screaming right now I have that tracker skin

  44. Gamma

    5:48 his challenge goes backwards…

  45. Luke Pearlman

    Avxry is a pedophile??????🤔🤣🤣

  46. Gustavo Freitas

    I live in New Jersey

  47. GoodGame rb6

    I live in nj but me one which city?

  48. Ava Griffin


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