Overcooked! 2 – Kevin’s Christmas Cracker Trailer – Nintendo Switch

It’s that glorious time of year again in the Onion Kingdom, the snow Is falling, the presents are wrapped and the fire’s crackling…Wait, no, that’s just another kitchen fire.
The kingdom has been transformed into a magical and mouth-watering wonderland, with five new Christmassy kitchens for your festive fiascos! You can expect new chefs and recipes under the tree this Christmas!

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  1. Oldman Vegeta

    Aww so cute!

    0~0 I'm calling 911


    Overcookers for smash, plz

  3. Versci

    This is so cute

  4. Luli Ortiz

    My family loves this game! Hours of fun ✨ great to see the dlc and free updates coming along well 😉🌟 I hope they update every once in a while

  5. Pichu :3

    Chilly Chief joins the battle

  6. LaFondaMata


  7. Vetro Metro


  8. Angye Flores


  9. bunno

    Pretty please with a cherry on top add gta v for the nintendo switch before Christmas eve

  10. Big Duke

    God bless you, Ghost Town, having the bells to call your Christmas DLC Christmas DLC.

  11. Nuclear Toaster

    Cooking mama 2

  12. the mudkip King and knuckles

    Waluigi for smash

  13. Princesse Gluglu

    Comment fait-on pour avoir la mise à jour ? Est-elle disponible en France ? Car moi je ne l’ai pas 😞

  14. MetalSmasherGaming

    Fix the online NOW.

  15. Rupert Leaverton

    Chilly Chefs Join the Snow! Overcooked in the smash DLC!

  16. SaiyanGodZ

    Jojos in Nintendo switch :'v pls

  17. Sol

    I love this game.

  18. Christina Hickey

    If you port plants vs zombies garden warfare 2 I will be so happy that I will buy it also cross over can be added to

  19. Kevin Velez

    A gift to all Kevins out there, including me.

  20. Tomatoboi O

    Chilly Chefs for Smash.

  21. Billy Bones

    My family won’t play overcooked with me and help me clear single player mode. Coincidentally , I’m currently looking for a new family.

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