Switch Mini, Switch Plus Release Date & Price Predictions – Inside Gaming Feature


  1. Tidepool Clipper

    A Switch Mini would defeat its very own name; they might as well release a new DS family member instead (they even stated they are still interested in dual screen gaming).

  2. Elias Cotton

    Disappointed with the title saying switch mini and the video talking about switch light. I'd love me a smaller switch. Not worried about detachable controllers, just leave me the options to usb c to the TV and Bluetooth controllers, heck, you could let the dock handle both.. But give me a pocket able device capable of new Era games and TV multi player.

  3. Stephen Shelton

    I'll watch this later, but I'm hoping the Plus will come with Joycons designed for people who have hands larger than that of the average 8 year old.

  4. Ka'eo Kaneko

    I thought Nintendo said there is no new switch coming…

    Am I miss something?

  5. David Kurniawan

    If it really looks like that, well, that's just a retarded ps vita. Retarded, cause ps vita doesn't use L2 R2 in physical form, but it was in the form of the back touch pad, a step ahead to the future, as well as the L3 and R3. Switch is still using the old razzle dazzle, and now this Switch lite thing will look like Vita's retarded brother!? C'mon…

  6. Jeffery Rosario

    I want the Nintendo switch plus or an upgraded switch to play better games and have more power too

  7. Ghoulgle

    Lawrence unintentionally let me know I’m interested into economics, thanks

  8. nevets trevel

    Great job!

  9. SkyHighGam3r

    The only thing I felt that wasn't touched on is the large amount of people who feel like the switch is too large to be portable. If this "Switch-Lite" is targeting kids, I would think this only further emphasizes the need for a lite model to be a big smaller. Personally this is the ONLY aspect of a switch re-design I'm interested in – I don't particularly care for the need to carry a fanny pack or something just to carry my 'portable' game system. It should fit in my pocket without issue.

  10. Kari kora


  11. Imprez

    Nintendo: "We have no plans to release any hardware in 2019."


  12. PixelaGames2000

    To be honest I don’t think the switch needs a newer version it’s perfectly fine with out them

  13. Odenta

    i would probably get a switch mini if its arround 120 euro :/

  14. Colfdra Legend

    It's not happening

    Get over it

  15. Sonic Speed

    switch lite with pokemon will be perfect. i'll get that bundle

  16. Jacob Pinkley

    Lol 8:44

  17. Timothy0303

    Really liking the begining

  18. Faizan Mohiuddin

    Great prediction video!

  19. Zamir Pestano

    Great content, i can see how much effort you've put into this.
    You have another subscriber from me 😊

  20. Susan Tuna

    my switch has so much fucking dust has no games at all this year im just wating for pokemon shield /sword then maybe ill sell that shit and buy another GPU for my pc

  21. Juan Lopez

    If they were going to launched the switch mini in December why not advertise it on e3 just saying

  22. Nate Schlueb

    I saw a couple comments mentioning this already, but I figured I'd say something, too, just so it's out there, but I think the music volume is a bit too loud.

    The video is great, though lol I have a Nintendo Switch, so I'm not sure any of these would appeal to me. But I'll probably keep any eye on the "plus" version to see what they add or improve.

  23. Angel Tomas

    Ugh, I saved on buying a switch all this time because I heard two new models including a pro version were coming this year and now you're telling me that the pro version I've been waiting for is coming out next year?! Why, Nintendo, why!

  24. Julien Thompson

    Cow says moo

  25. Alexander Worley

    5:02 Best transition ever

  26. Brandon Matthew Dunn

    Wow I didn’t know IG and Funhaus were fine with each other

  27. Kent Coleman

    Great video! I only play on the Switch so I’m not subscribed as my gaming interests are narrow, but I frequently stop in for great content like this


    if it is the price of 60 bucks for the switch light then I'm game without paying for online or if not cutting its online

  29. Flash Hobbies

    The switch lite will actually be the switch lite labo. You will have to build the console yourself. They keep saving because cardboard is cheaper than plastic and the labor will be done by you. They will have more than a 50% profit margin. Genius! 😆



    is for gamer's that dont have a tv, maybe your family are being idiots because your dad hates Nintendo, & Sony just like my dad…or maybe you love playing handheld ALWAYS because you think that it's faster, eh?

    TV MODE…

    makes it easier to see if you have "big helping hand's or big hands", or if you wanna play Super Mario Party, pokeymon go boy or girl…or maybe, your just one of those smash ultimate gamer's who cheat at winning all the time, just because your using those types of main character's…

    Nah, I'm not one to judge…😐

  31. MarvelousMax II

    I really think that the “plus” is going to be a dock upgrade with the added announcement that you can buy the screen separately. If I remember correctly, they filed a patent years ago that hinted at the possibility of a multi-piece console that would perform better when attached (not too dissimilar from the Wii U and gamepad). That way they could potentially sell the light and plus models together for a better mobile and home setup.

  32. MechaLife

    Good stuff again Lawrence!

  33. Eddie Ornelas

    I study econ at my uni, this video was cool 😭

  34. Derek Murray

    1:36 isn’t this like Nintendo’s calling card at this point. Adding cost to the consumer for trivial things they could’ve added

  35. Taylor

    Hey thanks for reminding me I'm 29 pushing 30 L. Dawg!

  36. Stupid Sandwitch

    A small thought here, if the the switch "plus" is going to be aimed at more avid gamers the wouldent metroid prime 4 for be a good lunch title for it? it would make sense.

  37. Brian English

    No one can wait until they announce it? Kids today.

  38. Pablo Farias

    Yea, these are dope! keep it up

  39. StarvingGeek

    reminds me of the wii-u

  40. Kevin Cook

    8:44 eww

  41. Ryan Nunn

    You forgot to mention that if the joycons are permanently attached to the switch lite then Nintendo would have to make additional hardware to charge extra Joycons

  42. mad dog

    switch is copying ps vita hopefully people buy a vita instead of the copy

  43. Grant Weed

    So happy with this music ❤️

  44. itaybron

    yo where's the twink that does these videos?

  45. Jack H

    Im sick of this rumor, its either not real or its not real

  46. Arcadia 64

    The Switch screen is so small so I hope the plus has a much bigger screen. I assume most people play it in docked mode but I want a Switch for the handheld aspect but still able to see what I am playing.

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