Castlevania Anniversary Collection – Launch Trailer – Nintendo Switch

Konami’s 50th anniversary celebration continues with this first Castlevania-themed collection of all-time classics!

Learn more about Castlevania Anniversary Collection:

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  1. Slit

    I feel like this should be included with online

  2. Yoan Giroux

    Well looks like my hopes are dead 4 seeing it free on the nes emulator from the nintendo switch online

  3. Nour Gilinsky

    Sora for Smash Bros dlc.

  4. Joe Muneton

    If there is no symphony of the night it’s not worth it

  5. Rebel Jolmoon

    Porque no hacen uno así de Metroi 🙁

  6. j

    No aria of sorrow!? Wtf?!

  7. Executive Individual

    Aside from Requiem, which will obviously be available soon, I really hope there's a handheld collection – Circle of the Moon, Harmony of Dissonance, Aria of Sorrow, and so on

  8. Bat cup

    Can I buy the pachinko version of this?

  9. JGdouble 2

    Didn't know Kid Dracula was so hard core

  10. bxrchainsaw

    No Simphony of the Night, no buy

  11. Josue Rojas Bustamante


  12. Zorrito X

    No SotN, no Rondo, no DS Castlevanias, WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU KONAMI

  13. Talha Rawat

    This isn't a collection this is konami trying to get back what little credit they have@! Lol

  14. DEADSHOT_456

    Bloodlines makes this pretty worth it but no rondo of blood or symphony of the night? Instead we get 3 gameboy titles and one not even named castlevania. The street fighter collection had far more games
    Still bloodlines is there and that'll be fun

  15. Dan E

    But where’s the remake of castlevania 1 from the wii shop channel?

  16. That One Guy Named Matt

    Kid Dracula Castlevania Canon?


  17. Sebastian Feola

    No Rondo of Blood, Dracula X or Symphony of the Night ??? sorry… I'll pass this

  18. Leo

    This crap BETTER NOT cost more than $20 😂 😂 old school roms just tossed on the game cartridge

  19. Luisho Mo

    And… Where are my Symphony of the night?

  20. Darth Dong

    Be pretty sweet to see every 2D Castlevania on the Switch.

  21. Elec- VERSE!

    Castlevania the adventure yuck

  22. Kylin

    cool but konami sucks now so support Iga's Bloodstained instead, coming out in June!

  23. Robert Wood

    I hate to always be negative but I think people would’ve liked Dracula x and super castlevania more than bloodlines and kid Dracula. Cool that we’re getting an English translation tho

  24. Elijah Eugene

    Bout time

  25. Feras Angel

    buy blood stain

  26. Knightmayor

    So no Rondo of Blood or Adventure Rebirth? I'll pass

  27. Matias Rivas

    Missing Rondo of Blood (PC-Engine version, accept no substitutes) to complete the classic era.

  28. Smartstuf Benjo

    Ride against dracula… with kid dracula. You now see why this doesn’t work right?

  29. 209sub0


  30. Joe Simoneau

    Why no Symphony whyyyyyy

  31. SharkLord1954 Productions

    Konami acknowledging their own IPs?

  32. DragoonBoom

    Whoa, I can buy ROMs???????

  33. X Eyes


  34. Fafnir San

    Omg :0

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