Super Street: The Game (PC) | My project build rundown

*Yes, I pirated this game. I’m unwilling to pay full price for this game unless it gets a massive discount.

Full car specs list:

HKS Hi-Power Spec L Exhaust
Holley NOS Cheater Nitrous
3L Inline-6 Engine
GReddy T88H-38GK Turbocharger
GReddy Airinx AY-SB Blue Air Intake
HKS R Type Intercooler
Brembo GT 4-Piston Brakes
Tanabe Sustec Stabilizer Sway Bar
APEXi S1 Damper line Coilovers
HKS 2-Jet type Injector Fuel Injection
HKS LA Clutch
Toyo Tires Proxes 4 Plus

Custom 1 Front Bumper
VIS Racing V Spec Rear Bumper
VIS Racing Ballistix Side Skirts
VIS Racing Techno R Hood
NRG CARB-A590NRG Spoiler
Custom 2 Fenders
OZ Superleggera III
Custom 5 Headlights
Custom 1 Tailights
XKchrome Under Glow Neons

Sparco SPX Seats
Sparco Carbon 385 Steering Wheel
APEXi ELII Boost Meter Gauges
Custom 3 Trunk
JL Audio 12TW3-D4 Subwoofers
Custom Video Screen
JL Audio HD900/5 Amplifiers

Full Body: Candy black
Hood: Carbon
Trunk Lid: Carbon
Spoiler: Carbon
Rims: Dark grey
Neon: Gold
Headlights: White

Ride Tuning:
Ride Height (both ends): 30%
Camber Angle (front): -1°
Camber Angle (rear): -1.5°
Rim Size (both ends): 20″



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    Man these people are annoying.. I'll watch your video but won't give you a like… 😑😑

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  2. CarlRaven91

    I saw the physics are wonky in here, and no licensed cars, but with RL companies in here is quite a weird combination…….

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