The Nintendo character with zero Google results


  1. Nick Robinson

    if anyone ends up downloading Rusty's Real Deal Baseball because of this video, PLEASE reply to this and let me know because it will make me very very happy. thank you

  2. [heat-mojo]

    you didnt even look up the japanese name

  3. DGKube Vids

    Eyyyy guess what it's finally on Google

  4. Imaweirdpisces

    Just looked up Pappy Van Poodle. 47,500 results

  5. kittenlover 2065

    Run around the fountain in the castle courtyard 2401 times, and you unlock Pappy Van Poodle.

  6. PufferfishTheOne Was Terminated

    Pappy van poodles initials are PvP…wait a minute…

    Rusty 99 confirmed

  7. SamuelPlaysVideogames

    I saw this once

  8. Koala Gamer

    What’s funny is that everything is recent

  9. Gunslinger

    woa woa woah woah wait
    are you saying there's a free to play game where you can reduce the price of microtransactions by playing the game itself?

  10. Specterz

    Holy shit you literally just created history my guy

  11. Luis Reyes

    Unless someone suggests Pappy Van Poodle for Super Smash Brothers, he will forever be forgotten.

  12. The Mysterious Studio

    You got it on google search list

  13. Dark Mage

    It's amazing how Pappy has 57.300 results since this video came out. Congrats, you've made a character proud.

  14. Steven.

    they probably tried to keep them hidden,because making the initials of their name PVP,a very reasonably overused word, sounds pretty suspicous

  15. Loren Pontiff

    I played this game when I was a kid! I only played the demos because I couldn't afford the paid versions.

  16. SplatRandom


  17. GiantSnickersBar

    I knew about this guy! I have the game!

  18. Eloc Nyub

    I was horrible at this game when it first came out 😛

  19. Charlie Jones

    I didn't think anyone else had heard about Pappy van Poodle!! I loved him!!!! I played Rusty's Real Deal Baseball for so long and have great memories of playing it. I think acouple of years ago I was going through my old 3DS and my cousin saw me playing the game and told me he had found a secret and then got the cutscenes on my 3ds and it was a cool experince

  20. DB Pooper

    Pappy for Smash

  21. ded bed

    try searching it now

  22. Michael Cosgrove

    Leave it to Nick Robinson to make Internet history by investigating a near-decade-old 3DS game.

  23. Rosalinda Cortes

    I will remember Him, pappy van poodle! 🐶

  24. ChargedNut99


  25. Callum Martland

    at 1:30 it says "2014 NONTENDO"
    this isn't a nintendo game its a nontendo game

  26. Hotpies

    Pappy Van Poodle is what happens when Youtube starts recommending videos from 2009

  27. Waluigi WEH

    this is the best extra money ever spent

  28. progamer t

    Pappy Van Poodle for smash?

  29. Bepbep

    I used to play that game but sucked

  30. Olivia Santellanes

    nintendo breaks down this guy’s door and fucking kills him

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