CONSOLE WAR IS BACK! Microsoft Goes After Sony With MASSIVE Xbox One X Announcement!?

Looks like Microsoft is taking the fight to Sony! I think it’s better late than never with something like this, but I also think it’s a great attempt at getting people to notice the brand!

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  1. CrapgamerReviews

    This COULD throw a nice little wrinkle into the console wars for the next couple of years. Price cuts worked well for the PS3 in it's latter stages of life. Could do the same for Xbox One!

  2. Brandon Kemp

    Ps4 is already dead. Sony said there not bringing games to the ps4 anymore. Xbox due to forward and backwards comparability we don't have to buy a new system because anything Xbox gets supported by Microsoft

  3. Zachary Law

    Cold War more like, the best Xbox can do is vaguely say that they may or may not be some games justifying the system. Meanwhile, sony is set for the year while Xbox can only boast next gen devs they acquired. Face it, Microsoft taken the biggest L. This gen after they fucked themselves at the E3 conference 😂. They ain’t getting back up and even the fanboys know you’re better off with pc since it renders Xbox obsolete in light of the zero exclusives worth anyone’s time.

  4. transsexual hermaphrodite antifa he-she dyke

    Ps4 > Xbox Xbox has no games

  5. Michael Casanova

    Console War?!?! 😂 bro this gen is a wrap. Sony destroyed Microsoft. It's on to next gen now

  6. Gospodin Pendula

    Its not war, its genocide.

  7. Talk Raw TV

    WOW, and maybe they'll announce another new controller as well. For the record there is no console war. It started and ended back when the PS4 released.

  8. Joseph Ortiz

    The console war ended the day xbox one was released. Sony ftw.

  9. Dzeko E10

    With your videos you make me laugh all the day's 😂🤣😂🤣😂


    Xbox is for the hardcore gamers ps is what your parents buy you.

  11. Bud The Cyborg

    Xbox X is going to undercut the PS5. Sony can't sell a 4K Console at anything close to the price of the Xbox X. They dropped the ball with PS4 Pro and now when people compare PS5 to the X all they're going to see is two consoles with almost exactly the same feature set, but Sony will be twice as expensive.

  12. domtheghost 6

    Playstation all the way whos with me

  13. Dasmesee

    Bla Bla Bla Nobody cares about Xbox. Spider-Man RDR2 and all Sony 3rd party exclusives will continue to sell like hotcakes and sell more Pros which have long outsold X1 and I can't see anyone buying an Xbox over a Switch or PS4. Xbox is trash.

  14. Truewiddy -

    Spiderman will sell great on the xbox one x oh wait Ooops

  15. power gaming

    Okay this is ridiculous I'm a Xbox fan and even I say the only real defense for Microsoft and Xbox is the fact that well Skyrim is a lot better on Xbox but then again it's even better on PC kind of negating the point so really Xbox has nothing

    Edit: by the way I don't even watch your videos anymore

  16. alankills260 xboxone

    Don't buy it it a piece of shit

  17. DiesIraeNation

    30+ year old men still think the console wars are real. Jesus Christ get laid or something.

  18. Adrián FoLiE

    What war? What fight? What do you even exist?

  19. ShadowGateKDA

    This gen is already over…..

  20. hesh mobster

    It's only getting worse for Microsoft … Since Spiderman PS4 just dropped … Sony PlayStation sales have gone up like crazy … It's not even a competition anymore

  21. xbox has no games lol xbox sucks ass

    Fictional war in his brainbox with a,side of hot air

  22. hesh mobster

    Just look forward to next gen …. Microsoft has embarrassed itself long enough this generation .. 😟 sorry Xbox boys but y'all missed out on playing great exclusives on the playstation including Spiderman PS4

  23. joshua knows

    Has anyone been in gamestop lately there is a list of 3 pages long for upcoming games for xbox so stop saying there is no games any real gamer knows theres plenty of great games on xbox

  24. Jon Oz

    Ok, this is insanity. And you don't use the word lightly? Breh, c'mon.

  25. Steve Ballmers Baldspot 2.0

    If it were even a $499 discount I still wouldn't buy that trash

  26. Miguel Rodriguez

    Console war……….where?
    There never was one! This was more like an obliteration! You obviously don’t comprehend or have a clue as to what a console war is……….this isn’t it!
    An example of a console war was Sega Genesis vs Super Nintendo that was a console war!

  27. TH3WICK3D3ND

    The only war is between PlayStation and Nintendo. Xbox is next level and the only other platform which matches the power of Xbox is PC. PlayStation is for children!

  28. MuhammadEnt. WeDoseItAll

    Just here to put a dislike here

  29. Walter Mazda

    This is not a console war anymore just stop asking for it because console war means fanboys bashing the other platform I don't understand why u bring this up about a stupid console war like is going to happen but too me am there for the games not worshipping the console look to the mirror ask you're self why am defending a piece of plastic console like stop be a gamer & have fun. 😇

  30. Mike Warner

    The x is already a year old! Wow. Still no games to play on it. I’m laughing at myself as well since I bought the piece of shit as well.

  31. Jsh Jsh

    Crappy Xbox is dead no one cares about Xbox updates or anything else that doesn't have to do with games

  32. Justice Broker

    Yeh correct no more exclusive games for PS4 this year. Tho Xbox has no more exclusive games coming ever PC best place for Microsoft first party.

  33. James Shawn

    Spiderman hype died so fast

  34. Ozziek79

    There is no war, what’s wrong with you

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