Fortnite x John Wick: Wick’s Bounty Trailer – Nintendo Switch

The High Table has opened a new contract. It’s up to you to collect the bounty. Stay alive and collect gold tokens by eliminating the other bounty hunters. The first one to fulfill the order wins, but be careful how far ahead you get, as you will become a target for everyone else.

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  1. durkadur27

    Switch version is unplayable for me its too laggy

  2. Joma Hawk

    Advertising an R rated movie in a product aimed at children who really shouldn’t be watching said R rated movie. Reminds me of all the toy commercials for the Alien and Terminator toys that came out after their movies got big

  3. D0ntL00k4tM3L1k3Th4t

    Yeah,nintendo and fortnite,two super family friendly things,combined with John Wick,a movie of betray,blood,and serial killers,yeah,nothing bad here

  4. 97MiloProductions

    hey its john wick from fortnite

  5. Naminski

    John Wick is in Fortnite. It's from Summit Entertainment and it's rated R.

  6. seal

    is this payday 3-
    oh never mind it’s just fortnite


    It's at that moment that The Reaper knew he died from his real self "John Wick".


    Why is this, and Fortnite in general, marketed towards children?
    Yes, the ESRB rating is Teen, but the way the game is marketed through media outlets, along with all of the toys and merchandise, is a clear indicator of the true audience that Epic Games is targeting. My mother is a 1st grade teacher and she has to deal with 6 year olds that are hooked on it. And then this. The John Wick series is an excellent narrative and cinematic artwork, but is not suited for children or even teens for that matter. It is not just Fortnite either, this practice is apparent in many companies and medias – in and outside the video game industry.

    As a great poet once said, "How long do we have to stretch the picture, before pixelating the human texture?"

  9. 1 Million Subscribers With No Videos

    The FGU
    (The Fortnite Gaming Universe)

    The Avengers
    John Wick

  10. dikinebaks

    whoa… daja vu!

  11. Miguel Angel

    Go see John wick 3. I saw it last night and it was insane!!! I want to see it again

  12. Angelgao

    Fortnite is gay

  13. Vioxaniamesho

    We should have got Detective Pikachu theme

  14. Irrelevant Squid thing

    It's ironic how the gaming community these days want to kill any game the kids enjoy, but you guys also love Nastolgia.

  15. Juan Carlos Bejarano

    When will this game die

  16. YipYapYoshi

    I guess that the john wick that we gave our credit card to was a fake D:{

  17. Jack Parry

    If save the world collaborated they would have added a Pencil sword

  18. DigitalBerserk

    They need to nerf that skin, is too op-

  19. mattwo7

    Is Fortnite a Japanese mobile gacha game?

  20. Lettuce


  21. The Poyo Boyo

    Umm, it's called "the reaper" excuse you

  22. FSS_ Jahir

    Why is Nintendo even posting these? Fortnite runs better on my phone than my switch

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