Sniper Elite V2 Remastered Nintendo Switch – How Does It Play?

Sniper Elite V2 Remastered is coming out this month and it’s making its way to all platforms including the Nintendo Switch. Today we are taking a look at a level in the game as a preview to show how the game runs and looks on the Nintendo Switch.

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  1. Stillxxen

    This game looks bad on the Switch, I think that Doom or Wolfenstein looks much better.

  2. Ghost Warrior

    U mean sniper elite 5

  3. Hector Em

    Nintendo shit

  4. Daniel VIllalobos

    the switch has so much potential, this is a great example of it.

  5. Linkman247

    I got the upgrade for $10 on Steam. I may pick up the Switch version as well.

  6. Mark Brenner

    i reserved this at gamestop. i get to pick it up tommorrow night at 9 pm. really excited that this is coming to switch. great console, great game! Thanks for the good video.

  7. asus huracan

    nice to see the switch get a version but anyone wanting a xbox 360 experience, you all have done it already so save your money, only versions that go further apart from the original is ps4 xone and pc with 4k hdr 60fps,baring in mind I was doing 4k on the original version at 60fps just fine so ill still be skipping this, its well done and dusted this one, hardest modes and all, it wouldn't be cost effective getting it again the challenge is over for I said im happy the switch gets included at all with these sort of games some developers just cant be bothered doing different versions its too much cost and development time when they can make one good version and port across all,so well done to them.

  8. K8nk

    Looks like a good port but I hate using the switch’s sticks for aiming, this game requires quite a bit of precision so I’m not sure I’m sold on this yet.

  9. Pascual Villasenor

    Does this game have any other modes beside campaign?

  10. tJAY13

    Hey @SpawnWaveMedia can you tell me if i need 2 copies and 2 switches to play locally? Thanks!

  11. Pascual Villasenor

    Should I get this or wait for sniper elite 3???

  12. Hasan falih

    Dead space trilogy would be awesome!!!!!

  13. Joe Arana

    Is this version portable?

  14. matrixmod

    How's the fps?

  15. Daud Hicks

    Just one decent online multiplayer shooter is all I ask for. Otherwise my Switch will sit on the shelf for COD mobile.

  16. Crud3lis

    Tbh the textures look more similar to a mobile game. Is the game just old or is it because of the Switch limitations?

  17. solarneddy

    Sniper Elite V2 remastered might be the excuse I need to buy a Switch.

  18. Steve Vai

    cool, i want multiplayer!

  19. Youssef Kadri Rule

    How does it play with joycons tho

  20. AdvancePlays

    Huh, I wasn't aware you actually moved throughout the levels, thought it was just a "stay in this one point and pick them off" type of thing. Shows how little I researched lol, this interests me a whole lot more!

  21. Akuma Sin

    Can’t wait for call of duty remastered battlefield gta star wars battlefront bad company far cry + blood dragon watch dog division destiny overwatch Borderlands for switch verison

  22. Ps4_Fan

    Is this handheld?

  23. fdanims

    Looks great. Getting it 👍

  24. Danel Jimenez

    This will have coop?

  25. Chosen Wisely

    A "Remaster" that looks like a PS2 game when the original released on PS3. WOW

  26. MonadoJoJo Zerø

    This game looks really really cool! I might end up checking it on Switch!

  27. Switch Fan

    physical release gamestop havent seen it other retailers yet

  28. DragoniX

    I am getting it for Switch

  29. Displaced the channnel

    I would die for The Batman Arkham Series: Batman Arkham Asylum, Batman Arkham Knight,Batman Arkham Orgins and Batman Arkham City to come to the the Nintendo Switch, Those are on my list of the best games I have ever played in my life and I Have no problem playing them again and again and again, But the idea of having on the Portable Console: The Nintendo Switch Is Mindblowing and Amazing, Man, I just if that would happen, Like My life will be completed if that happened, Then I could rest in peace.

  30. James Forero

    That looks really good. Is there Physical release or only download?

  31. sgtpopoy

    You have to time your shot to an explosion. Or transfer locations after every shot.

  32. Fendera

    Why does this remaster exist? nobody ask for it I think..

  33. Sonic Boom!

    Didn’t they do a real bad port of Sniper Elite on the wii u?

  34. TheFreakaZoo

    I hate seeing your bald head in my feed so I unsubbed

  35. AnimemanYuki

    Meh I rather pre order Senran kagura peach ball

  36. Deku

    I see a lot of people complaining about how it looks bad but I'm watching this at like 720p and it looks fine to me…

  37. YoRHa

    Looks great an all but I'll just wait until its 20 bucks or less. Not saying its not worth 35.99 respectively but yea not worth paying full price when there's no physical release for the switch version.

  38. Dollar Junior

    Day 1 buy.

  39. robin & bernhard

    Need Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell on switch

  40. MFSGamePlay

    They should put the nazi zombies on the switch. I can play that all day.

  41. Maury J.

    Runs like crap on the switch.

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