Resident Evil 0 – Xbox One X Keeps Crashing at the Train Roof Cut-Scene

I recently bought Resident Evil Origins for the Microsoft Xbox One. |o/

But at the beginning of Resident Evil 0, when you go to the top of the train to fix the power cable, there is a brief cut-scene where Rebecca/Billy falls through a hole.

So, after my Xbox One X crashing for the 5th time at the beginning of this cut-scene, I have made this freaky video that got my hair all up thinking it was my hardware the problem.

So, as you can see, it crashes so hard it actually turns my console off.

I’ve had no problems like this ever before and I’ve tried EVERYTHING possible after reading a lot of people talking about THIS SAME PROBLEM:

I’ve soft and hard reset my console, and tested my connection, reinstalled the game, deleted the save data, re-reinstalled the game and didn’t applied the update patch, turned the HDR off, turned the 4K off… aaaand nothing worked.

Any help would be appreciated. And if you had this same problem, feel free to write about it so we can mourn together in the comments.

Also, I’m sending this video to CAPCOM hoping that they’ll patch it soon to address this issue.



  1. Harry Campbell

    I am playing on the Xbox one s and I have found that skipping the cutscene that crashes the console fixes this problem

  2. Retro Gamer 64

    What a piece of shit. You should of gotten a PS4 or Nintendo switch. I have all 3 and Xbox one X is as buggy as a fucking PC. Both run shitty windows OS.

  3. Ignazio Di Stefano

    So I noticed a recent software update..does anyone know if it fixed anything?

  4. dashdeception

    Supposedly the fix is out now with this latest system update it is even listed as fixed

  5. Michael Berger

    I just wrote capcom, here is the address:

    I send this:
    “dear ladies and gentlemen, I have big problems with the game resident evil 0. There are 5 scenes in which the game is terminated and the xbox turns off. Please talk to microsoft for the problem solving. THANK YOU, Michael Berger, Vienna”

    Please do the same so WE can finally play resident evil 0.

  6. Josemaria Pena

    Same thing happened to me

  7. PT3 Productions

    Has anyone sent a message to microsoft to see when this will be fixed?

  8. Detox 2

    I can confirm this is still broken ! February 8th , i just bought the physical disc , installed on my xbox one s , and it crashed on the top of the train everytime

  9. Volcano 301

    Bypassed this by skipping the cutscene, however I can’t seem to avoid it crashing at the train brake part.

  10. Papa Smurkz

    My game crashes after you put the final code for the train.. This sucks because i was so ready to play through all the resident evil games. (my first time in this res world) and i recently beat resident evil1 hd. The story so far for this game was getting interesting. But now i can't continue with the games because i want to finish this one.. And knowing this has been going on for a month already sucks. Who knows when it'll be fixed..

  11. Snufkin

    Does it work on the normal xbox one?

  12. Michael Brown

    My res evil crashes on the roof of the train……I will never buy a Res Evil game again.Photan345

  13. Taker 469

    I just bought a digital copy of this game for the original Xbox one and the game won't even start what a waste of money.

  14. NinthBeast20742

    Mine crashes too just like that at the part where you put the final code in to stop the train but when the screen loads it crashes

  15. zHeRo fHicKsGiVEn

    I recently started playing this again and was FORCED to update (gotta love freedom, right?) and reloaded a save game I had right before stopping the train. After stopping it, the cutscene plays of the train stopping and my console shuts off. Tried multiple times – same result. Just cleaned the console out so not an overheating issue. Another rushed update where they use us as guinea pigs for bug testing. Gaming is quite literally unplayable anymore. Thanks for breaking my game Microsoft/Capcom 👍🏻

  16. Robert Rosalez

    I had the disc version awhile back and it was fine and I played it on the Xbox One S until now I have the digital game and now it freezes . Sucks big time

  17. tangytangerine

    Whatever it is that's causing it, it's a bug in the October 2018 system update for the console's OS. I'm running it with a preview build system update from a week ago and it's fixed the problem. I had the same problem and as soon as that update finished, the problem went away.

    So whatever is causing it to shutdown should be patched in the next general system update. Which is usually spring next, so March 2019 would be the earliest for it to be fixed.

  18. Carlo Tarantola

    Same fu**ing problem! I contacted capcom customer care but NOBODY seems to care about this. Microsoft said they know nothing about it, and nobody ever complained. I see that everyone experience the same problem and throw their money to the trash. Good to know. (Ironic) someone has some news about this? Tried this today (after a year) and nothing has changed.

  19. xxRVxx

    i still have my Sega dream cast from 1999 ! Best game console of that time .wow! that was 20 yrs ago! OMG ! 20yrs ago!

  20. Marco Almeida

    Any fix?

  21. shadowdragoon6

    is there a fix yet cause i got the same problem i tried google but came up empty

  22. Taha Esat

    I just got the game today I thought my xbox broke and the warrantys ran out. Really dissapointed with this which cut scenes do I need to skip to avoid will this damge the console?

  23. The WZRD Michael

    Damn bro same shit happens to me try having billy go through

  24. Gamer's Outpost Media Productions

    Hi Jean. Our CEO also experienced these errors and have reached out to CAPCOM for an immediate fix. It's not good to infuriate an Industry CEO right? A fix will be available soon. Game on! 🙂


    this is crazy, it happens to me on the same cutscene, currently playing on the xbox one x.

  26. Leon Scoot Kennedy

    Schade Capcom …. die Leute wollen nochmal alle Teile spielen bis Teil 2 kommt und hier passiert so eine Scheiße das man das Game nicht mehr spielen kann. Absolute Kundenverasche! Ich hab für das Game gezahlt und kann es nicht nutzen schade !

  27. Marcos Martins

    I had the same issue with my Xbox One X and I resolved this press the power button for 10 seconds until the console completely power off and wait feel seconds to power on again and run the game no more crash on custom scenes!

  28. branko milenko

    Bought it long time ago, started today and this shit happen, here's hoping all the others work, I bought all resident evil games for the x…

  29. trens

    We're all here at this video to read the comments for a "fix."

  30. takeitorfuckyou

    I can confirm it only happens on the S and the X, I'm at the last boss and it was constantly powering down when I opened the last door even if I skipped the cut scene so I got my original Xbox one out copied the game over and it works perfectly, I tried it a good 5 or 6 times just to make sure I wasn't getting lucky, it's only a problem with the S and X, so if you have an original Xbox you will still be able to finish the game and go for the no save run also, it's bullshit but at least ill be able to finish the achievements up before 2 launches.

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