A Sad Loser plays Nintendo Land all by himself

Nintendo Land is a game for two to five friends. If you don’t have any friends, what’s wrong with you?

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  1. Gamerboy9013

    You can transfer Miis from the Wii Emulator to the Wii U, here's how:

    1. Open the Wii U Mii Maker

    2. Click "Send/Receive"

    3. Tap "Copy from Wii menu"

    4. Done! Enjoy the true I want die

  2. Daisy Tan

    the reveal tho

  3. Avery1D

    1:09 goddamn, never thought "I want die" used makeup. Kinda hot ngl :^)

  4. Jezzibolt

    The screams of the damned. Thanks RT.

  5. dis _iz tud.

    2:00 Benedict Cumberbatch

  6. Ban Fortnite Please

    The virgin IWantDie vs the Chad Me Like Pain

  7. Audrey Hom

    RT: aAAAuAaAaH
    Family: DANIEL ARE YOU OK?
    RT: Don’t worry I’m have a GRAND time screaming into the WiiU pad

  8. Audrey Hom

    I want to see what it looks like for RT to scream into the pad

  9. Artsy196

    Still waiting for one of these videos with Rihanna

  10. RedLuigi

    You can transfer the miis in the place where you select qr code

  11. Shizuo Heiwajima

    Are you okay

  12. ricky bobby

    You know there is still online for the wii you just need to mod your wii and change the server its connected with an app in the homebrew chanle

  13. Ban Fortnite Please

    This is the equivalent of trying to get your dog to play a co-op game with you.

  14. Nixsy924


  15. Panda The Commanda

    im lonely

  16. Yrok24

    Is he aware that you can transfer the miis from the mii channel to mii maker?

  17. A E S T H E T I C

    The always ask, rt play game. They never ask aRT thou ok. 😭😭

  18. TheCaptain

    Wait RT has family

  19. [TB] Agent 8

    Who copyrighted i want die

  20. Blutspender102

    You could almost say the game at 10:00 is a rollercoaster of emotions.

  21. The aa47

    Can’t you just transfer miis from the mii channel to Wii U mii maker? Isn’t there a button for that in mii maker?

  22. Evercreeper

    i love nintendo land

  23. Landon Finley

    very relateable

  24. Owen No

    I remember the only game I had for my Wii U was Nintendo land for some reason

  25. the big gay

    I remember raging at the donkey Kong game so hard

  26. Trent Kopp


  27. christian roberts

    leave it to nintendo to make it possible to lock original creators out of their miis by editing 1 thing

  28. GamingWithPie

    this is amazing please play more games where you have to scream at the wii u

  29. Gabriel Piñeiro García

    RT plays the puzzle game: this is actually pretty cool and funy! 😀
    Ten minutes later: ragequit

  30. Thomas_Intensifies


  31. Rebekah Powderly

    I love this because it went from
    “Four friends scream at each other”
    “Loser plays Nintendo all by himself”

  32. Gabriel Piñeiro García

    That fucking voice breaking in the scream gets me RT X,D. and the sounds to calm your family actually sounded like someone was pointing a gun at you. I love it! <3

  33. ACRisgone

    I used to do this since I have no friends

  34. Evan Kensington

    Connor from Detroit has the same concept as Fi.

  35. Mr Bob

    Hack your wii u and install swapdrc it swaps the tv and gamepad output

  36. Albert Y.


  37. Pokémaniac Guquiz

    Chuggaa would probably get up the elevators from just talking.

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