CrossfireX – E3 2019 – Announce Trailer


  1. Leo Wijaya

    Wallet : Hah neat

  2. prima agung

    Soldier : OOFF!!
    Zombie :HRRRUUUAARRR!!

  3. Adam

    cant wait to not be able to run these new amazing E3 games :…(

  4. itsMeSn4x YT

    Alam na maraming cheater dito hahahah

  5. ARCK808 R 808kings

    I only clicked on this because of the new Xbox logo I feel bad for the Xbox players

  6. Dusk

    Just another shooter

  7. 时雨

    P2W game

  8. Seth Leoric

    Man i hope you bring back those weird Red Zombie things

  9. Fúchsia1889

    Crosscocks xbox

  10. MMNSavatage

    Now i gotta get the money i dont have, Bills<Wallet

  11. huehuehueheh

    Mutant Mode plz

  12. Hey Surpresas


  13. Huy Hoang Mai


  14. Kiren Luck

    lets see how sexy can it be when all the female characters in old crossfire to this one

  15. Hoang Doge

    I want the zombie mode

  16. William Bade

    uhm….alright then…..

  17. Robin Z

    So basically battlefield

  18. chsk86

    UGH….. it's from smilegate

  19. Tê Rờ Gờ

    early 2020 or late 2020

  20. Brode Choad

    Very confused but also very excited

  21. Wallace


  22. Caalsifer

    Desde el 2008 que juego y sigo aquí :'v

  23. RottenBegotten

    I hope ghost mode comes back!

  24. Trịnh Lê Lợi

    Press F11 to pay Respect

  25. ssilviu250

    Cheaters and microtransactions X?

  26. CamoFlash7

    Wait what?

  27. Unknown Name


  28. ZE D

    yesss 7 years of playing this game and for the first time its on xbox

  29. JWolfD_C

    Should have Aimbot pack

  30. Khánh Duy Nguyễn Hải

    Just don't p2w

  31. Abu Najma

    I am always playing Ghost Mode until Global Risk want to stab me when AFK standing on T-base without sensing my ghost's voice

  32. Rajesh Jin

    This new trailer for the next fast and furious looks great.

  33. honkai impact noobie

    The classic

  34. AvalonDG

    Awas ledakan!

  35. Authentic Lime Flavor



  36. MrEstatic2

    Mission succes black list wins

  37. Nabil 87

    Ini baru cf yg masuk akal

  38. lucci


  39. Martin blackstar


  40. czvetkoff

    Один хуй в ебало урон проходить не будет…

  41. StandingOvation

    Jesus, looks awesome!

  42. Mahmoud Haidar Ahmad

    I start feeling my pockets 😂

  43. 虹雨


  44. Genesis ü

    Crossfire was my childhood and stopped playing at age of 8-10 I remember. Now I’m 19. FeelsOldMan..

  45. Minh Quân Lê

    Full CGI trailer in 2019 🤔

  46. Mike Arsen

    i remember when i was in 5 grade playing with my friends in this

  47. PeTekaChuz

    I hope it has mutant modes too lol , bring back the old days of hide and seek strats.

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