Nintendo Goes After Leakers And Shenmue Fans Are NOT Happy After E3 | News Wave

Nintendo has become famous for their legal measures also known as the Nintendo Ninjas. Recently more and more information had been leaking out around E3 and most of it was correct. It looks like Nintendo isn’t having it anymore now targeting a leaker with a cease and desist. Shenmue fans are not thrilled about a new direction the game is going in for distribution on release which will now be exclusive to the Epic Games Store months before launch.

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  1. KaeYoss

    We, the gamers, have decided the best way to financially support Deep Silver is to pirate all their games.

  2. duhmez

    Shenmue, it's more like Shen POO! AMI I RIGHT!!!

  3. GeekHero of Comics&Consoles

    Interesting… a company that makes games about fighting the abuse of power with technology, decides to use technology to abuse their power.

  4. IAmGoombaSniper

    Shenmue greatly exceeded the money required to developed the game and didn't need any help from Sony, but accepted Sony's help anyways delaying an Xbox version indefinitely and PC players are mad they don't have multiple stores to purchase it from….

  5. D Nice

    Cool Dude! Cool show..a nice preshow to anticipating that big E3 Nintendo video we got today!!!

  6. AkaBigWurm77

    Its going to take another 10+ good free games for epic to buy me

  7. ariesace02 S

    OMG why is every so pissy about the Epic Store and or store. Not every game has to come to steam people. Guess what if it comes to Epic store its the same game that would be in steam, (OMG REALLY) Its just a place to buy the game or launch from. It is not the end of the world. Almost all of company have one. If you want to play a Orgin game go there, Blizzard there you go, Uplay I guess I go there, Epic SO BE IT. Steam is nice and has a lot of extra stuff but at the end of the day its the same game. There is many games like this. ex.Assassin's Creed® Odyssey do you think steam is the only PC store you can buy this at. I wonder if Uplay Assassin's Creed® Odyssey is different then the steam one. Come on people get your head out of steams azz. This is the way it is now.

  8. David White


  9. Matt Stansbeary

    Even Dontnod said they are Putting Twin Mirror on Epic for 12 months. Epic taking everything

  10. richfiles

    I feel like Yu Suzuki got screwed in this Shenmue 3 fiasco. It's likely that Deep Silver made this decision and that YSnet and Suzuki were dragged along for the ride, and have little choice but to play along. Deep Silver likely wanted to secure their own investments by taking the Epic payout, Shenmue 3, the future of the franchise, YSnet, and Suzuki all be damned. What hurts deep down in my heart, is that all this went down on Yu Suzuki's birthday. Imagine waking up with the enthusiasm of this reveal, on you're birthday, no less, and ending the day with thousands demanding refunds, and the worst pieces of garbage out there, wishing him actual ill will. I don't think Suzuki was necessarily aware of the stigma surrounding Epic, or had no ground to stand up to Deep Silver.

    Blame Deep Silver… They are undoubtedly the cause of this horrid situation.
    Show YSnet and Yu Suzuki some compassion.

  11. King of Red Lions

    I think Zelda Breath of the Wild being shown off at E3 2016 definitely saved Nintendo’s presentation that year, considering it was the only game they focused on and played that year. (Other than a little Pokémon Sun and Moon gameplay).

  12. KEN

    Shame on Shenmue!

  13. LordSpleach

    Nintendo Won E3 Hands Down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  14. Lazy Gambit

    Why did they do this to my man Sabi?

  15. Deadman001

    The response time is likely going to be worse in high action scenes.

  16. Spiked Trap

    Shenmue Epic Exclusive. People get your fire and pitchforks ready! We are going on a chase!

  17. Andrew Thompson

    I’m not a pc gamer but why do people get so upset when something is an epic game store exclusive and not on steam?

  18. BBJ Publishing

    In response to your question at the end of the video: Well that's what Nintendo tried last E3, wasn't it? ;p In my opinion, no. If the consumers are smart and savvy, they will look at each individual piece and notice the trend if emphasis is placed on only one announcement out of the whole.

  19. BBJ Publishing

    I get that Epic wants to push their own store and everything, but all these exclusives are giving me headaches as someone who owns well over 200 games on steam.

  20. matthew williams

    go nintendo go
    go epic go

  21. CJoseph Ferrerro

    So essentially what happened is gamers gave their hard earned cash to the shenmue devs only to find out after getting back to the hotel room that there's an adams 🍎. Nice.


  22. Wheeljack2k

    Right now I'm thinking of a brilliantly handled Kickstarter campaign: SUPERHOT
    When the game released, backers got a Steam key. And a drm-free download on Humble Bundle. Then SUPERHOT VR came – and backers got key for that, too. For Steam and the Oculus store.
    Then came the expansion Mind Control Delete. And we backers were gifted yet another Steam key.
    Just last month SUPERHOT VR was released as a port for Oculus Quest. And guess what. Another key for the original backers.

    If the Shenmue devs want to do damage control, the least they can do is offer keys for both the Epic Store and Steam. Even if it's coming later due to exclusivity… just let backers know they'll get Steam keys when it releases on Steam. Or you know… Metro Exodus has shown that you can have a game on Steam while not yet selling it there.

  23. Kivuli Fenrir

    Shenmue devs have denied refunds atop everything that's gone on though. That's fairly bad PR.

  24. zen underground

    It's understandable and within the law to prevent their stream from being streamed/copied somewhere else, but those same copyright laws that allow them to block it, are also a part of the same Fair Use copyright laws that allow someone to stream it while giving news, criticism, and any other commentary over it and about it. This abuse of copyright laws is getting out of hand.

  25. RonMcSwanson

    Nintendo seems to have been doing it for the past years

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