PC Gaming Show E3 2019 Conference Live with YongYea

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  1. Spectral Gaming

    Hardsuit labs worked on the vampire game? Cool. They gave me one of my favorite indie shooters. (Or is it AA?). Blacklight Retribution. To bad the game is dead on pc…

  2. Yote Cannon

    This was so much better than the Bethesda E3 2019

  3. Jake Parkinson

    I wish there was a remaster of the original killing floor mod.

  4. Hafa Ball

    I don't know why but I hate that guy with the pink tie

  5. Joe H

    I don't think the host can stand up straight. She may have a back problem. A brain problem or a mental issue.

  6. Absolute AlphaMale

    E3 vid

  7. Saulius J.

    F* YEAH EVIL GENIUS rules… can't wait to play it

  8. Munther Islam

    why not a lot of watching this? I though pc gamers are fanatics

  9. Medigo Verus

    1:48:00 Yong's most nerdy moment ever (not a bad thing, just funny hehehe).

  10. DeathMonkeyXL

    Evil genius was great

  11. goman000

    The audience is emotionless, lol

  12. Spectral Gaming

    So midnight ghost hunt is just glorified prop hunt in call of duty….

  13. Rezuvious

    bunch of people in comments pointing out how Shenmue is epic exclusive

  14. SpoonieMcspoonington

    That's weird the borderlands 3 dude says its coming out 2019 but all of my very reliable sources tell me its delayed till sometime 2020 shame its going to be competing with cyberpunk.

  15. Medigo Verus

    Powered by Epic Games Store…no wonder it was mostly so featureless and skewed.
    They should advertise that G-sync monitor right by cyberpunk so all of us who can't play it normally due to motion sickness in 1st person might have a chance with that.

    Man, Yong, you weren't listening to much of this, were you…so many things answered before you asked or commented hahaha…

  16. Chico Peebles

    If I'm not mistaken, an hour and a half press event filled with mostly indie games, one monitor and a gaming chair. lol

  17. Wakane

    Damn you Rebellion. Epic exclusive

  18. Cole Mastronardi

    I'm genuinely curious why people are so invested in which app their game launches from

    Edit: Frankie tries too hard and it makes me cringe deeply

  19. asioca1992

    So Yong, are you going to cover the shitstorm going on the Shenmue 3 announcement? Apparently people on the kickstarter are demanding refunds and the devs aren't giving them to people.

  20. Austacker

    Yeah this show was crap as well. Not impressed in the slightest.
    This was supposed to be the E3 event of the 'master race'? Yeah… fuck off lol. Not as bad as Bethesda, but even the Microsoft event shat all over this one. Meh.

  21. Justin Doan

    1:42:00 Yong reminding us he's an actual voice actor

  22. Zamidge

    The contents of this presentation have been irrevocably tainted by that "powered by Epic Fail" logo.
    Waiting for a full list of timestamps for all the different games I'll end up boycotting because of Epic Fail exclusivity.

  23. Oasi V

    I was always a fan, but when I found out yong spoke Spanish my fandom grew even bigger. Awesome dude.

  24. MyxsClintz

    oh fucking epic tsk

  25. P.Sherman

    Gotta love those video game guns that can shoot the entire bullet casing ­čśé

  26. jbzhummerh2gamer

    The instant you saw this you 47:3347:40 should've known it was Sniper Elite.

  27. Guilty Pleasure

    1:41:54 For a moment I was like… This game sounds like Yong Yea! And then I noticed it was just Yong voice acting… I really hope you make it Yong! You're amazing! ­čĺť

  28. xcom54

    Funny how PC Gaming Shows always have a lot of cringe moments. XD

  29. Owen Ellis

    Chivalry 2 looks exactly like Mordhau. Like I'm pretty sure some of that footage was actually from Mordhau.

  30. ShenMerrick

    Samsung having that bullet leave the gun…casing and all…wow. You can tell they have never actually fired a gun before.

  31. Jean Bryot

    they keep saying gameplay but they clearly dont know what it mean

  32. solidsnake434

    hey que buen espa├▒ol tienes, saludos desde Mexico

  33. SapiaNt0mata

    *watches Final Fantasy VII then watches PC gaming Show. PC master race my ass when they can't make a game remotely close as good as that for PC. i hope you will feel good playing all these PC games with ps1 and ps3 graphics on your 2080ti, $800+ cpu, and 36+gb ram.

  34. AdmiralDankBar

    I like this E3 more then last year as I saw many more interesting titles.

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