Nintendo Direct E3 2019 LIVE REACTION at Nintendo NY

Watch the exciting LIVE REACTION of Nintendo fans to all the announcements, reveals, and surprises of the E3 2019 Nintendo Direct at Nintendo NY.
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  1. Roturix

    Love watching hype reactions about videogames. It makes me feel that I'm not the only one. Rejoice gamers!! Keep on gaming!! 😎

  2. miguel de la rosa

    Gama baja

  3. Turbosoggy

    1:2739:00 and 39:23

  4. 宗崎



  5. axel flores

    42:06 this man rises his hand at the same time Link was going to grab Zelda's hand…

  6. Mike Rumping

    I hope people will love doug just as much as reggie

  7. BrickHD

    I love watching grown men scream at animal crossing.

  8. ehsaan

    Let's find lamar wilson

  9. AceRay 24

    Those reactions are awesome

  10. MysticJ

    Finally happy to see some Dragon Quest Hype! It’s a series that deserves more love!

  11. Photo Channel

    Let's Get Sackboy For Smash Ultimate Well Since Banjo Kazooie in smash bros And Joker From Persona And Even Cloud There's Absoulty A Great Chance For Sackboy To Smash Ultimate And When it Comes To Smash There's No Rules Sakurai Can Put Literally Anyone in The Game
    She Deserve To Be in a Amazing Game Like Smash Ultimate And She is Already in smash But She Deserve To Be A Playable Fighter!
    He Can Be in Smash if We Just Asked Nicely And i Know He is Already in smash Ultimate as An Assist Trophy But He Deserve More i Mean They Added Almost Every Mario Secondary Characters So Why Do They Just Add Him Already in Smash?

  12. Bob Dole

    Proof Nintendo won E3

  13. Dimentive

    41:01 I love how the camera lost focus of the Direct and the crowd to auto-focus on some dude’s afro and kept doing so for the remainder of the Direct. 😆

  14. Dimentive

    The reactions to Animal Crossing (33:40) were incredible. The crowd went nuts as soon they heard “Nook.”

  15. Dimentive

    Seeing the hype for Doug Bowser makes me so happy. Reggie was incredible, but Doug Bowser seems like he’s doing a fine job at replacing him.

    I love this community! ❤️

  16. Dimentive

    I love the guy with the pride flag! 🏳️‍🌈💜

  17. Dimentive

    This does put a smile on my face.

  18. Steven Montecino

    This is a perfect time for Rare to make Banjo remastered, add it to gamepass and bring gamepass to switch. Done! It will sell big.

    If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

  19. Allen Ewasiuk

    That Animal Crossing reaction!😱😎

  20. DJ Squirtle

    I don't think I would survive in that crowd lol 😂 There was so much hype today and I'm excited for a lot of these games 🙌🏽

  21. Jen

    Nintendo is awesome. I am so hyped!

  22. Luigi50096

    This was the best Direct Ever!

  23. 北海道


  24. Shatter Shot

    That Banjo reveal made me cry 🙂

  25. Savage Luffy

    Man everyone was wildin out during the reveal of the Dragon Quest DLC character for Smash lol!! 😂🤣 This whole reaction was just extremely priceless!! 🙌🏽👏🏽😊

  26. James Forero

    That was a awesome direct reactions. I even watched the direct during your stream and it was awesome. I already preordered Link’s Awakening Dream edition and Doom Eternal. My wallet is gonna burn pretty bad. I’m gonna preorder more games and amiibos and save up as much as I can.

  27. Frontier GD

    I was at school 😔 AND LUIGI’S MANSION 3?????? I THINK IM DREAMING!!!!

  28. EASquak


  29. Cohen Wolfleg

    6:41 hotel Mario 2

  30. vEro

    Hehehe I was there

  31. Squidy

    Nintendo killed it with this direct! So excited for these upcoming months!

  32. The J Bird/TM

    I'm most excited for Luigi's Mansion 3 the Luigi's Mansion are two of my favorite games

  33. silvermoonredmoon

    I love Nintendo

  34. Diegstr R

    B. E. S. T. E. 3. EVERRRRRRRR

  35. Ramon Spears

    Lol i don’t care about smash Zelda won

  36. Angel Martinez

    Rip Headphone Users

  37. Wesley Roberson VA

    I really happy they finall put Banjo Kazooie in smash and i was crying in tears of joy good and wonderful reaction guys!

  38. SSB&AnimeCrossover


  39. Cringe God

    Nice vid love you guys keep up the great work

  40. Søul Central

    Thank you for uploading this!

  41. Michelle Ridley

    Want to see smash reactions

  42. FamousHotdogs

    Just here to see the crazy reactions

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