Nintendo's E3 announcements in a nutshell

The company announced plenty of new titles, and revived a few old ones.

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  1. Richard Vanwinkle

    Doesn't like Mario. Likes animal crossing. Da fuq?

  2. Doe


  3. DK Baller

    Just finished the video he's one of the guys that likes mana games so he's a thing. That means he's rare.

  4. DK Baller

    Lmao this guy hates Mario dude that's like the equivalent of saying he hates happiness puppies and chocolate.

  5. Conixcomix

    Bring back the national dex

  6. R.R.R.

    You hate Mario games? You actually "HATE" them? Um OK

  7. Luke Serna

    This dude doesn't like Mario. That's like saying you don't like pizza.


    Gamers have no life

  9. Tramaine Terrance

    Hello, Humans.👋

  10. ElasticNine26

    I was really expecting a new handheld console to replace the 3DS but I guess Nintendo is going the "ignore it until it becomes obsolete" route with the 3DS.

  11. Trevor Sabinson

    Mummy guy=Gannon

  12. Jeremiah Longino

    cries in PS4

  13. Hasael Sanchez

    I’ve been at work so I’m not able to see these previews, but anything on Metroid prime 4?🥺

  14. Lance Chang

    1:13 "I kind of hate Mario games altogether"

    Excuse me.

  15. Guess Who

    Where is the switch pro and mini?

  16. Michael Auderer

    What song is that in the intro?

  17. Patrick Freels

    That’s it I’m sold I’m getting a switch…

  18. Dino's Games988

    Usually the Nintendo Direct after e3 is better than e3 itself lol

  19. angelom

    no new switch? lol

  20. Sabrina

    the end is really disappointed.

  21. Richard

    No mention of three houses wtf?

  22. ColtsFan4Life 35

    Nintendo really knocked it out of the park this E3.

  23. itstimetoclip

    Sixth lol

  24. Panda

    Really wish they announced a stronger switch

  25. Hernis De La Cruz

    Easily the best conference.

  26. Choas 312


  27. ODOOGAN Plays

    Great video

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