MotoGP 19 | Career Pt 8: Pure Race Craft (Xbox One X)

Another wet race at Assen before heading off to Sachsenring.

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  1. Weerwolfboy

    Try to run all practices before the race.. Do 1 test per practice round and fast forward the remaining time. The AI seems to be learning from those sessions as well and will qualify better.

  2. Jon Cochrane

    I wheelie like watching you fight with them. . . hehehe! Great vids and good job – fun to watch. Thanks again for doing these Robo. Cheers!

  3. Bram Vermaat

    The Ai never set times when you first start the session, and fast forward. Really weird.
    Also they always use the hard rear in Qualifying, and softer compouns in on practice. Also, really weird.
    You have great pace tho, nice videos.

  4. oisin maher

    Anyone know how to turn auto tuck off?

  5. Loyd Christmas

    Do you have to race with manual gears.

  6. Kent Hodge

    Great series so far ROBO46! Awesome skills with the controller and your race analysis work is top notch as well. Can tell you have a passion for MotoGP. Can’t wait for the Moto2 season!

  7. Keegan Kellum

    I’m looking forward to the next Moto gp video keep up the good work and u are the best youtuber ever

  8. mpa420

    and ya the MotoGP points look to be a race ahead of the other levels when you look at the points – 9 races in and Rins, Dovi, Rossi and Marquez are all averaging almost 20 points a race, which is impossible

  9. mpa420

    I think the fast forward thing is bugged – even if you fast forward one of the FP session, no one will put in a lap time

  10. Aaassshh

    Iv noticed if you skip time in qualy to like a minute left you get pole no matter what as they don’t set times lol and have you noticed they use hard tyres in qualy? The games great but some weird things are seeming abit lazy, the historic challenges are either way too easy or way too hard, I’m 7 tenths away from gold on the McWilliams at Phillip island one and physically can’t get any closer

  11. tom jones

    try turn 9 and 10 before the water fall pined in 4th gear cutting it tight even if you are wide on the exit for the waterfall you will still make up time and a question why do you turn off engine braking i get you want to make it harder but engine braking is something that happens on any manual motorcycle when you shift down wouldn't keeping it on be more realistic

  12. Corey Forman

    The AI needs to be more competitive no matter wet or dry too inconsistent

  13. Emmanuel Gonzalez-Soto

    Watching this with a heavy heart coming back from the vet where I just had to put my first dog down after 8 years of having her. Nothing like a good race to get my mind off of it

  14. Jacob Ewers

    Anyone else have the issues of not having Keith Huewen as commentator and not having the leg out braking(turned on in settings)??

  15. GasNinja

    Assen looks beautiful in MotoGP 19!!!

  16. Daggerfall 88

    You know to change fresh tires before the race ? Because if not, you take old q2 session tires in to the race and they are f..kt. i made this mistake today damn it because i didn't know realy😂

  17. Cuky92

    that start at Assen, admit it, you were auditioning for Maverick's place at Yamaha

  18. Jirka

    You should use tyres from qualifing, like F1. I can be more difficult to win.

  19. Carl Cain

    Is this game good i dont want to buy it to be let down can anyone reply saying if worth a purchase ?

  20. sneakyninja2000

    Tbh the AI on this game are just as bad as every year and its disappointing, by the 3rd race I've been lapping minimum 2s a lap faster than the AI but some races as high as 6s a lap and being able to go from last to 1st in 1 lap, something needs to be done about this!!!

  21. 2Telos


  22. Dash'N Adventures

    Hey Robo! One Question about RRL Do the riders that make it in have to use Manual Gears

  23. Felix Kroeber

    Love your vids

  24. Felix Kroeber

    I would like to see you race a race with full laps

  25. rashid van poppel

    Lets go mate!!!

  26. Ajwin 001

    Can u make me a fry up

  27. Jesse JAMES

    Need 2 of these a day mate or more 🔥

  28. Eclipse _CheeZ

    Yes robo my G best MotoGP 19 player

  29. Malcolm Livesey

    Thought I was eyeing things just watched last one nice an other brew time

  30. Keegan Kellum

    First comment

  31. vr- 46

    Do you ride in real life?

  32. Keegan Kellum


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