Building A Nintendo GameCube Collection: eBay Lots

Today we are starting the journey to complete a system that I really enjoyed during my childhood and through my teenage years: The Nintendo GameCube. Unfortunately my teenage self decided to trade most of my collection in when the Xbox 360 came out in order to get the new system leaving me with little to no GameCube games. I ordered some lots from eBay to get things started and talk a bit about some of the games as we go through them.

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  1. Topspeedsnaker

    The amount of hours of hilarity me and my cousins put into Wrestlemania on the Gamecube back in 04 is truly unforgettable lmao

  2. Pao Vang

    I have over 70 GameCube games that I'm selling

  3. OfMiceAndGellow

    You pulled out WMXIX and then American Wasteland and my childhood came back hard

  4. Insane A Sock

    Good luck not giving your right arm for Fire Emblem.

  5. Caolan Robinson

    When the Wii came out i sold my N64 and in 2017 i rebough a n64 and bought all the games i used to own and even games i always wanted like pokemon stadium 2 and banjo kazooie

  6. solutionxero

    im only about 4 games shy of a complete, cib US master system collection.. started getting euro and brazilian games a few years back. thinking of starting dreamcast next, since i never had one 🙁

  7. Luis Barreda

    It would be nice if you could mention how much you spend for all the items in the video, or if you don't want to go into specifics just give an estimate.

  8. Darkfox Hammerthall

    You got to have Eternal darkness. I know the starfox game too isn't everyone's cup of tea but I played a lot of it. I remember too a horrible skittles game called Darkened Skye. I know it wasn't great but for some reason I kept messing with it. Which I did play things like RE, Smash and Mario Kart but just thinking of other things cause the big popular ones is already on a must get status. I remember that the starfox game kinda got me looking hard at it. At the time the gamecube had good graphics and all in this neat little package. The controller was what put me off. It looked so wrong. Once I got used to it I did love the controller. It had a great feel once you got used to it.

  9. Divinis13

    Have fun with finding pokemon box in case with manual for a good price.

  10. Beardy McJ

    Mario Strikers is ridiculously fun. By far the best Mario Sports game ever. The Wii version(Mario Strikers Charged I think it was called) was such a disappointment compared to it. Man, I miss that game. That and Sunshine are the two reasons I really regret getting rid of my BC Wii when I got a Wii U

  11. Jon Oz

    I kind of wish you wouldn't do these sort of vids. Because it instills an itch in me to now go & build a collection of the GC (again). I had a great one!! But it was lost in a move.

    The GC has a lot of sentimental value for me. The release Lego Star Wars was when my son first started playing video games with me & was so much fun. I think he was like 6 or 7 at the time & it's something I'll always cherish. He's getting ready to head off to The Citadel & then a career in the military. He's so smart & Im so proud. He lost interest in video games a couple of yrs ago. Anyway, enjoy your children, love them, have fun with them, build moments etc. Because it all goes by too damn fast. Way too fast! It doesn't feel like that when they're born, but trust me. Many parents can identify. Cheers

  12. Walter Garcia

    Keep the serries up

  13. Slivie 123

    657 games including european/japanese imports

  14. AIDevMan

    If I were to complete a system it would be the N64 because that is the first one I bought with my own money. The original Nintendo would be the other one because that was my first system on a black and white tv.

  15. Devin Arthur

    You should track the cost as you go

  16. Namudi A

    Complete a set? Lol when you have to go out and buy cubivore, for 400 bucks and the 531 other games come talk to me

  17. Kaptain Kobi

    GAMEYE is a really good game collection app.

  18. clir Nip

    Great video!

  19. stuna210

    Tales of Symphonia for sure and Melee please.

  20. DramaLifeNy

    This is a great idea, i just started getting into my old game collections and rebuilding mine too.
    I got some great ps2 pickups from a thrift shop and alot of nintendo ds and gb and gba games from facebook market and ebay

  21. Pucho Magic

    Love the video… yes keep adding to the gamecube collection

  22. SlyBeast

    Mario Superstar Baseball was such a disappointment for me. I had wanted a Mario baseball game for so long and I found that to be incredibly frustrating. I don't think you can field if I remember correctly.

  23. Colby Mello

    GameCube is literally the most underrated Nintendo console of all time & my all time favorite. It will forever be in my heart. If you wanna truly wanna have a collection the last 2k game for GameCube and the limited edition consoles are gonna destroy your wallet, but definitely worth it.

  24. Brian Garcia


  25. Michael Jordan

    Do a Gamecube Sega games video. Sega was on fire after they left the hardware business and only focused on games. They had soo many great releases on the Gamecube that was multiplatform and exclusives.

  26. Anthony Gayle

    gamecube , zelda, eternal darkness, re4, metriod prime


    I have a complete North American Gamecube set, I believe the library sits at 557 games.

  28. Louis Dias

    I have 80+ GC games in great condition and a original GC with GBA adapter, network card and component cables. Also have a hacked newer one that is chipped and uses the case that allows 5" discs…

  29. RyokoAsakuraLastFan

    One of my favorite Gamecube Games is Yugioh False Bound Kingdom

  30. Michael Martin

    Do it.

  31. Mike X

    I have 155 Gamecube games to date but ONLY buy when the price is right, I respect you are making a possible series but financing a lot of those games at retail is not in my cards!

  32. Geoff Guthrie

    Do it!

  33. That Filthy Weeaboo

    One Gamecube game I'd recommend, and keep in mind it's a port of an old Dreamcast game… Skies of Arcadia Legends. The story is good, and it ties up loose ends left by the Dreamcast version of the game.

  34. skins4thewin

    EON has really pissed me off lately with that joke of an N64 HDMI adapter that only uses S-Video upscaled to 480P but still costs a whopping $150. As if the Gamecube adapter wasn't already overpriced, the price for that N64 adapter is flat out absurd.

  35. Mark Goldman Plays

    Remember Def Jam Vendetta was supposed to be WCW Mayham 2. 😉

  36. skins4thewin

    Yeah, the GBA. That's why I am becoming so impatient for the GBA Consolizer I have on Preorder. I hope they get that shit moving sometime soon as Game Tech takes FOREVER to get their products shipped out to customers. They should think more about the customers vs their bottom line aka waiting for huge preorder numbers before ordering the parts from the manufacturer in order to get them at a cheaper price. You should never make a customer wait a whole year and some change for a product.

  37. Gar_ee

    I've had memories of that Wrestlemania 19 story mode and thought they were just some weird dream I had in the past mixing up multiple games together. I can't believe the wrestling game about murdering everyone was actually a real thing

  38. Brainless Gonzo

    So dope. I want to do the same but I want to get into the SNES first. Not a full collection but just the games I loved

  39. BDIAS85

    I feel the same way, wish I never turned in my gamecube and N64. I was such a stupid kid. Kept my Wii. At least that is backwards compatible. Tempted to buy a N64 with a few games and have that back in my grasp. Won't be the same as it wasn't mine though.

  40. FutureAlien

    Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time is one of the greatest games ever in my opinion. It is one of the very few games which I own on multiple systems (Gamecube, Xbox, PS2 and I think I even have it on Steam). Warrior Within was sort of cringe-worthy at times (the "mature" stuff) but all-in-all it was a solid game, if more linear than the first. I confess I do not remember much about the third one, just that I have played it.

    Good series, do go on! I kept my own Gamecube collection (PAL one, and it helped that I can play the games on my first-gen Wii) so I'm interested to see how different yours will end up being!

  41. PacMaster

    You should be on the look out for Pac-Man World 2. It's a great platformer probably right up there with Sunshine as one of the greatest platformers of the generation.

  42. Kevin Simmerman

    My biggest gaming regret was trading Banjo Kazooie to somebody for Final Fantasy X.

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