Fire Emblem: Three Houses – Available 7/26 – Nintendo Switch

In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, war is imminent. Every decision you make matters, starting with the House you choose to lead. Will you rush into battle with your most powerful attack or save it for the stronger reinforcements? Will second guessing every move get the best of you, or will you be the decisive leader Fódlan needs? Available exclusively on Nintendo Switch on July 26th.

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  1. Vanity Star Rachus

    Yessssss no life lol

  2. Therealchris929 Lol

    Wait so is House Stark not an option?

  3. Alexander Garcia

    Never thounght l'd see the day where a Fire Emblem game reveives more positivity than a Pokémon game.

  4. Nutelasaur *

    Okay… but will we ever get a rundown on Blue Lions and Golden Deer like the Black Eagles one week ago?

  5. MitchManEXE

    Please don’t mess this up, please don’t mess this up.

  6. mjw665

    Choose which house? Your first mistake Nintendo, was assuming I wont play all three!

  7. Mike Literus

    I. need. MoRe. DETAILS!!!!!!!!!

  8. The Dumpster Behind A Chili’s

    Golden Deer Gang where are you

  9. Spearra

    My only wise for this game is for the RNG numbers to be accurate. Miss me with that "oh you have 99% chance to hit", then the next 5 attacks miss leading to somebody dying.

  10. Sam Adams

    They’re not showing enough variation of gameplay. Every single trailer the gameplay looks pretty much identical. I think this is the very first time I’ve seen an environment that doesn’t look like a typical field.

  11. JDraks

    What happened to Dorcas?

  12. Gambino Burg birdy

    Quit teasing me Nintendo all you doing is burning my skin like a ash tray

  13. falconflayer

    Nice commercial, I'm ready for this!

  14. Zuchi lochikee


  15. ElNeekoo

    Can’t wait!

  16. Celeste

    last minute western advertising amirite?? jokes aside i'm so excited about this game

  17. 3212Seis

    Just in time for my 8 hr flight to Prague at end on July… Thanks Nintendo! 👍

  18. thatanimegamer

    question, is there a point to choosing either a male or female main character? does it change anything in the story? i heard you can romance people so does that mean i have to play as a girl to do that? i want to romance claude 🤤 but i prefer playing guy characters. please help!!! never played one of these games before

  19. I_Is_Salty_Boi YT

    I just realized Three Houses is Fire Emblem Pokemon Go

  20. Jad ser

    Ughh time to watch trailers again to…

  21. -Aku -

    An 80 hour game with full voice acting is an impressive piece of work. Fire Emblem has come a long way.

  22. Mr Wii

    Come on Announce new NES Games for this month its the 8th already lol

  23. Kéry Dorián

    Grand Theft Auto Vice city and SanAndreas for Nintendo Switch??? 😃😃😃❤❤❤❤

  24. Azumi

    I'm sorry FE fans but after Fates I'm legit sceptical. I will need to double confirm the story is non fail and characters likable prior purchase

  25. Ai Aodamo

    This voice over sounds awesome! I really hope she’s a character in the game 💕

  26. Spike

    The ads have improved greatly since echos

  27. Justin Hirt


  28. Beta Abe

    Fire Emblem: Delays game to make it better because they care about their fans.

    Pokemon: It will sell so we don't need to delay.

  29. CrabTF


  30. Lonnie Albright

    I have to beat Xenoblade 2 and get this and marvel 3 ehhh my girlfriend going to dump me because I’m playing my switch to much 😂

  31. 46 62 65 68 75 42 78 75 68

    Fire Emblem REEEEE Houses

  32. Alexander V

    I’m still worried about the fact that nintendo itself is doing the translation and not 8-4 :/

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