F2Tekkz vs Rebel Stokes – Final- FIFA 19 Global Series Xbox Playoffs


  1. Gaber Alkhali

    Fifa game is still trash since 90s 😂

  2. Deevanshu Srivastav

    Commentators are basically licking the ass of F2TEKKZ, LITERALLY.

  3. Marcelo Miles

    Stoke just strokes those goals in

  4. محمد الخليفة

    Congratulations for stoke he is hero I proud of him because he still attacking all time without any trying to defending as many coward players do when they have more goals


    Türkler burda mı

  6. iPLAYER 7

    What are the detailed Kamera settings?

  7. lol

    Who plays this scripted shit?

  8. ea right

    strange sports game that use football pitch lol

  9. hardi 79

    Yeah tekkz lost

  10. عبيد السبيعي

    والله انه اسطوره ويستاهل

  11. Gunjubas_kz

    Where is arab fat pig MS Dossary????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. amin ouaddad

    Nice Final

  13. White Cobra

    Some players dont like football… they are just computer nerds.. they understand de play code of the game.. thats why they are so good 😉

  14. George Richards

    Tekks you need a new coach 😭😭😀

  15. George Richards

    Cry baby tekkz 🤣🤣

  16. Fieldy

    Why is everyone glad that tekkz lost? Both played incredibly well. IMO though tekkz was the better player, he got unlucky with the goalkeeper movement on the neymar goal. Any other day it could have gone to pens

  17. Felippe Almeida

    Two virgins that nerver saw a real football macth.

  18. 1L2O3H4I5T6H7

    U call this PING PONG simulation ESPORTS ready🤮🤮🤮🤮

  19. Junkie Mayhem

    Commenters are clueless as always
    How can you commentate on this shit and be like oh ya that was a nice goal
    When I havent seen a single nice goal.

  20. kinell188

    Show some content around the players and their personalities. Otherwise i may as well just watch the Champions Channel in the FIFA menus.

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