1. Screwball 3224

    An I thought I was the the only one that played this

  2. Flexsor Music

    This game is still alive

  3. Switchb1ade327

    If you used zone more in the car instead of braking it helps because you have more control when in zone

  4. Z3r0_DAys

    Need for speed the run rip off

  5. Chad Bedderson

    how is this possible?

  6. philamena lawton

    Scott another lucky lucky race great job man I see you doing your thing I loved it!!! PLEASE DO MORE MIDNIGHT CLUB!!!

  7. Alus 973#Bh🇧🇭

    Broo dub cars are bad only about looks Use bike is the best in game

  8. Railroadrampages

    I love the gameplay!

  9. Augustus 91

    Suggestions on cars you said? Use an eclipse gt.

  10. Tomás Grüning

    You sound like sivee

  11. Tomás Grüning

    Are you PewDiePie s editor dude

  12. Samuel Rajah

    Scott, I love seeing u playing yhese games no matter what vehicle you use. Keep up with the good jokes too.😂😂

  13. Johnathon Mayfield

    Upgrade your bike

  14. Branislav Valo

    Drive whatever makes you win !! Bike or a car,doesnt matter ! 😉 you drive what YOU want to 🙂

  15. Dillon Hepp

    Stick with bikes but do some visual customization!!!!!! The game was great because of the mods so stop just showing races and commentary

  16. joel ciantar

    hello im watching your skyrim vids there pretty good cant belive read more

    i wish your channel doesent die

  17. Sea Angels 10

    🤣 now that's entertainment 🏎🎇🎆🏁🏴‍☠️

  18. Ambreen Shahzad

    Have you played max payne 3 if not then play its a really good game

  19. turnick 56

    They should make gameriot in need for speed 2019

  20. VisualJ Walks. China

    I mean…. No point recommending any special ability's

    You'll just continue to use zone anyway lmaoo

  21. Okdokie

    Play the game how you like to! Bro!

  22. Victor Santos

    Keep up the good work and do more video's

  23. Ren

    "There might have been a slight invisible barrier there"

    Mate you slammed right into a concrete divider.

  24. Victor Santos

    Roar is a really good ability to use because it moves car's out of the way even your rival's I used it when I play the game

  25. madjbor F1 2019

    Paul walker blue skyline GTR R34 RB26 will you buy it in the shop garage every one loves GTR,S

  26. madjbor F1 2019

    Gameriot PLEASE😇GODZILLA skyline blue GTR R34 RB26 BEAST keep doing the let's play midnight club LA the fans they love your video's

  27. Capalot Ace

    Buy the ducati bike thats by the lowriders its so much better in every category

  28. Markkeito miller

    Try roar you will definitely like it

  29. Shawn the Great

    You might like the roar power, it pushes other opponents out of the way.

  30. Marx Charles

    You do know you can't finish the career with the bike right

  31. Marx Charles

    You need to buy the the ford GT and upgrade it and second please do a burnout instead of starting with only accelerating

  32. PapagenoX09

    Are you taking the opportunity to draft? BTW it probably has a lot to do with the lack of sleep. 😉 I don't have kids, but from everything I've heard from people who do it's exhausting.

  33. carlton spencer


  34. carlton spencer

    Daddy Scott UK YouTube brother

  35. Dionte K

    Scott on the count down in the beginning of race hold the Gas and Break to launch off the line. Ps You should really try ROAR as the special ability it's the best one especially on bikes.

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