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Defunct Games reviews Hero Express by Fantastico Studio, available now on Switch, PC and Mac. Previously available on Xbox One.

Despite being incredibly repetitive and not especially deep, Hero Express is a fun physics-based racing game with a cool superhero conceit and personality to spare. From the colorful graphics to the crazy vehicles to the silly monster parodies, there’s a lot to like about this game. The levels are well-designed and challenging, even after you’ve upgraded the delivery van. If you don’t mind replaying a stage a few dozen times until you get it right, then you may have what it takes to deliver important packages to superheroes.

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  1. Keep on Truckin' Nattosoup

    Viewtiful Joe is the best super hero game I've played, but I still need to play Wonderful 101.

  2. Dr. Umz

    This looks and sounds like a mobile game, and I think on mobile it will be fun

  3. LinkMEP

    Seems almost like a carbon copy of Hill Climb Racing.

  4. Cyberpunknut

    That delivery guy looks like Mighty Max!

    It does look like Trials HD. Never got how people could spend countless hours on that game.

    QOTD, probably inFamous on ps3 but hulk ultimate destruction and spider-man 2 on the gamecube are up there.

  5. YoTwone Barker

    This review completely fixed my marriage! Thank you bro!😭😭

  6. Mistress Jen

    Come on, all that Snow Monster wants to do is hug and squeeze Daffy Duck and call him George. What's so wrong about that? 😉😂 Couldn't resist. But for your question, think I'll go with Pretty Guardians Sailor Moon the arcade game. She is a superhero after all, and that game is fun, even if Queen Beryl is a pain to beat.

  7. Penguin DT

    That's a tough QOTD. Whilst Batman: Arkham Knight and the Lego games are obvious answers when speaking about licensed properties, there are so many original characters to choose from. I.e. I really liked the first Crackdown – allowing you to do all the super-heroism the way you wanted. Whether you wanted to gun down bad guys like RoboCop, zoom around the city like Knight Rider or leap across the roof-tops like Batman on steroids, the game got you covered.

  8. Core Games

    I'll pass on this. Memorization does not sound like a fun challenge.

  9. Filia Luvs Squigly

    I have a feeling most people are going to say ps4 Spider-Man or one of there arkham games. While those are great I'm going to try step out of the box a little here and not go with a easy answer. So 1 spot I would say is saints row 4 why you're not a superhero in that in the way that most superheroes are superheroes but your ability to hack the Matrix for lack of better term gives you superpowers so I'm counting it. 2nd and 3rd place go to sort of kid games which are 2nd Lego dc super villains and 3rd Lego marvel superheroes 2. And a honorable mention to Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel expansion

  10. King Harkinian

    I don't know if Infamous counts since you can kind of choose to be a villain instead, but it's probably that. I haven't really played anything that can be described as a superhero game other than that series but I do intend to play the PS4 Spiderman game at one point

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