SHOULD YOU BUY?|Nintendo Switch Lite

Should you buy Nintendo Switch Lite? Seems like opinion is divided on whether you should “upgrade” to this smaller “mini” version of the Nintendo Switch game console given that it lacks some of the features of the original. Let’s talk about who this console is probably aimed at and who would get the most benefit from it!

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  1. Py Tech

    Coffee coffeee coffeee coffeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! WOHOOO.. Coffee!!! Alright, half way through the video and this is by far the best video I have seen on this topic. Your point about parents not wanting kids to use the TV, the older generation being used to game on the TV etc. Trueeee

  2. Rexerect gc

    Umm there was the ds 2ds 2ds xl 3ds what do you mean no portables

  3. DrBald

    I could see them making a switch pro dock that is essentially where all the upgraded power comes from that can dock a lite or a regular. It will give owners of both products incentive to buy the new dock to push their games to steady 60fps and steady 1080p and things of that nature’s business wise I feel like that would make them the most money.

  4. . Hitman

    I still wish they made a phone Nintendo switch like a size of a one plus 7 pro with magnetic joy cons to play games obviously has to be digital only but I'm okay with that

  5. Dustin Nunn

    What is the point in getting a Switch Lite when you can use the Switch to play your games on your TV or on the go?

  6. S h

    Will it run handheld game just as well as the normal switch or is the original switch more powerful ?

  7. Karl David

    I never bought a console before because I would like to classify myself as a PC gamer. When I was young we were given pre-owned GBA and PSP FAT to play games with. I even used a VGBA emulator on my smart phone just to visit those childhood games (Pokemon and Harvest Moon BTN & FOMT). Now that I've seen the Switch lite, I really thought that this is the Switch for me because I usually play on my desktop PC and if ever I would want to play Nintendo games like The legend of Zelda BOTW and the remake of Harvest moon FOMT, I would want to play them on a handheld console while lying on the bed. I have work so having the Lite version would really fit my need. It is cheaper too and can last a bit longer since it is meant as a dedicated handheld device.

  8. KiForward

    I came for the coffee.

  9. Ricky Roma

    I agree with everything you said.

  10. Sage

    even though I like coffee, making it with that nice classic music mmmmmmmmmmm

  11. Ragonuke Main

    From someone who has not bought a nintendo switch yet(im one of them) this is a good deal especially when i know to myself that i enjoy handheld gaming very much so i dont really get those people who are rracting negatively to the switch lite. Maybe those people already own a switch but not everyone has one. I'll get a switch lite for sure especially the for the price. Good deal and good job to nintendo.

  12. Erick reyes

    Makes coffee.. while spilling some tea about the nintendo switch lite… LEGEND!…

  13. Bidwellz9

    did they fix the screen material? unlock the tegra in it? add cooling to it to allow the chip to do what it should? does it have football? baseball? licensed racing? no??? still good on switch then

  14. GestahlianChocobot

    Nihongo gamer, you're the best!

  15. boricua Love

    I'm not buying that garbage

  16. Josepmulowayi Tshlbangu


  17. amaatsubu

    i knwo this sounds like a like grab but im really on the fence but im gonna buy a switch and i dont know which color i should get i love all three so reply to this telling me whcih color

  18. Paul Keller

    You still living in Japan

  19. Jonathan Patino

    I wish the regular switch sold without the dock. Since I like the size of the regular switch and I mainly play portable and not docked.

  20. LadySuicide

    noo not face down 😮

  21. Gamer bros

    Hopefully when the switch pro comes out they drop the price of each switch by 100 dollars so they can make the switch pro 300

  22. Yes, you're right.

    I don't care about tv mode. Nintendo should at least make the controller detachable for lite version

  23. Dana W

    Men's pockets maybe. Women's pockets, you are lucky if you can hold a small phone.

  24. Dylan Osborn

    In Australia it cost 330, a first party switch game cost about 70-80 bucks and the switch is currently on sale for 400 dollars. Why would I buy a switch lite when I can get an arguably better product for the same price?? Or buy an Xbox one s with 4 games for 400 dollars.

  25. Yasha

    for someone who hasn't bought a switch, I just don't find this appealing aside from being smaller. Even the cheaper price doesn't mean much anymore since the older switch is near the price range at this point.

  26. Ggc 2

    YES!!! I want special Miku Edition Switch !!!!!!

  27. Yazeed ibrahim

    to be honest, I have the exact vita u have and I really do forget about it in my pocket 🙂 it's the perfect size for me.

  28. rainbowunicorny

    switch for extrovert
    switch lite for introvert
    switch pro for dedicated gamers

  29. nick mcfaddin

    What is your coffee set up?

  30. Robert Aguilar

    Yo are you good with guile and how play him better

  31. toxicdragon562

    have nintendo switch? dont buy
    have a nintendo switch but you are a collector who has money? buy
    dont have a nintendo switch and dont have much money? buy
    dont have a nintendo switch and you have enough money? dont buy

  32. Miles Campbell

    I upgrade graphics cards often 🤗

  33. You’ve been hacked By Jacob F

    why is the sound of the coffee grinder so satisfying?

  34. Firedude

    im 14 and im about to buy a switch on october and im sure ill use it as a handeld console…
    idk witch version i should get and thats only because of the size of the screen.
    please some one help me choice!

  35. Catherine Thompson98

    Here for the coffee making

  36. DarkRalts

    that would be a bad idea digital only

  37. Jeff Tj

    “Sitting on the couch in bed.” 🤔🤔

  38. deuce slurricane

    No thanks I’ll just wait for the Nintendo Switch Flip Pocket.

  39. Jamie Morgan

    It's for people who aren't home that much, who don't wanna pay 300 dollars and are fine with just handheld, and for the ones who haven't been able to get into the system because of the high price tag. Its like the 2DS to the 3DS. And a lot of people actually like the 2DS more than the 3DS.

  40. TheReal_ist

    10:20 did this guy just call basic b*tch a*s 1080p at 60hz "High graphic content"???

    Jesus christ Nintendo has infected him too. U people seriously need to stop thinking 1080p at ANYTHING is hard to do anymore. Stop drinking the Kool aid for fucks sake…..

  41. D Johnson

    Yeah, I see it as an upgrade to my vita. The first switch was too big, I did not find it reasonable.

  42. Retrofi

    It's like 70 quid cheaper then the proper switch.. Pfft 👎

  43. UltraGrow HD

    I have brothers and we are gonna buy the switch, but I'm also gonna buy a switch lite because I don't really like to share.

  44. stewpit edu

    I'm getting a Nintendo switch lite but in a limited edition with good colors so I'll wait when it releases

  45. UltraGrow HD

    In other words for me, yes.

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