ARCANUM: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura Review | Cotton Mill Certified™


  1. AftermathRV

    Any member of the merchant guild that can tell me which remix of hava nagila that is?

  2. Levi Johnson


  3. Me Alexander

    Arcanum is very similar to fallout ` in both graphic and gameplay, even story(somehow) ! In both game you can convince the antagonist that what he is doing is wrong so you don"t need to battle them .

  4. Give me garlic bread or give me- nvm that's perfect

    Antagonist: Prepare to die filthy half-blood. You and every other race poison this world.
    Hero: you know you kinda made the world worse with how you handled this.
    Antagonist I guess i'll die

  5. RPG Mafia

    why this jewish music at the end ? why no Metal ?

  6. Vegan Snacks

    i bet the hebrews are responsible

  7. Kaasbaas

    Your gnome rant made me sub.

  8. Evan Bohn

    Idea for a name for a male pop band;


  9. Kramerica


  10. Seriouskai

    I installed this game just a few weeks ago, awesome. One of my favorites from childhood gaming, spent many long nights playing this as a teleporting sniper that built my own gun <3

  11. Garret H

    Does this game seem super fuckin racist or is that just how this dude makes it look

  12. NJOverclocked

    Review checkers next

  13. Dominator and who cares anyways

    Idiotic question, but are the degrees in the recipe indeed celsius?

  14. Arkalidor

    necromancer Kerghan: "Life is an anomaly that ushers nothing but suffering. I plan to end it all, end all life, so that noone needs suffer anymore"
    charisma protagonist: "Yeah, well, that's, like, your opinion, man."
    Necromancer Kerghan: "Fair point. Kill me please."

  15. Nobody Noel

    Can you side with the antagonist?

  16. generalzod4life

    Over 20 000 'Isolated Incidents' since 9/11!

  17. Slinger Marshall

    ya'll got some of that uhhh

    banana bread?

  18. Wallipalloo

    "Something more soothing."
    *Evergrace soundtrack*

    Well-played, sir. Not many people gonna get that joke unless they Google it.

  19. Robert Wagner

    How did you get the affiliated with Bad Dragon? Are you a frequent shopper?

  20. Robert Wagner

    How the hell did you get a Furry dildo manufacturer like Bad Dragon to sponsor a video game?

  21. Horace Gentleman


  22. Arthur Glovchynski

    Can somebody link the ending video, please?

  23. MahtiJapponen

    "in no particular order" proceeds to list the races in a very particular order

  24. AnimeBlackGuy _

    I love this fucking guy

  25. andreiclawhammer

    With gnomes you lose.

  26. Dutch Doggo

    for some reason I was lucky and got an army of mechanized automatrons (army means about 20 of them)

  27. Al Valentyn

    There is also a very dark side quest, that's about gnomes kidnapping women, and forcefully breeding half-ogres to serve as slave bodyguards.

    It's essentially gnome illuminati, with many many influential, and powerful gnomes throughout the world running this dark underground scheme.

  28. Mads Nielsen

    never got to play this, played Torment and Baldurs Gate instead

  29. A. Menchén


  30. Feral Kuja

    A tip for those going for a Magical Charisma character: Necromantic Black is for offense, but also Necromantic White eventually lets you fully resurrect an NPC such as a party member if they eat shit and die.

    Without the Resurrect spell from Necromantic White, you'll end up having to buy expensive resurrection potions from herbalists if one of your party members dies (And have to remember where their corpse is, to boot).

  31. Baker's Bread

    lol bad dragon is my favorite gaming company

  32. Matt Murray

    “Hey wanna know who invented AstroTurf? THE (((gnomes)))! THE (((gnomes))) HATE GRASS!

  33. Martin King

    who is the person you use an avatar? he seems to have an interesting life

  34. Iron Hands Terminator

    The merchant’s guild put on quite the show this time

  35. markanthmore

    8:42 jesus lmaoooooo

  36. johnny1992black Ra

    5:53 lmao

  37. johnny1992black Ra

    im a knome

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