All Nintendo Switch Games May 2018 – Release Dates + What To Buy

Nintendo Switch has a BIG month in May, with nearly 50 games, including multiple first party releases! We have compiled them all into one place for you to see! Complete with footage and information on each new Switch release. What game are YOU most excited for? Let us know in the comments down below!

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  1. Broovy

    anyone else think that gabe says a lot of dumb stuff that has no meaning lol

  2. Alexander Miller

    My dad got maried on the 4th!

  3. Albert Balbastre-Morte

    Is sfIV included in the 30th anniversary collection?

  4. Michael J. Caboose

    I'm one of the people who play Timber Man. It's quite addictive until frustration takes over. The longer I play, the more frequent dumb mistakes are made. However, it's very amusing as a multiplayer experience, and I would highly recommend it as such. Hard to argue with how cheap it is, too.

  5. Alexander Deyloff

    Why do all of these games feel like their target audience is Hillary Clinton?

  6. Fraket

    Can you please do a timestamp list in the description? Can't stand clicking through this.

  7. cafe Sportivo

    Horses 3D

  8. Morg 1330

    My team is the Packers.And what didn’t happen at the draft

  9. mattmobile

    Timber mans my shit!!!!!!!!

  10. Tariq Yasiin

    There should be a what not to buy series.

  11. Pedro Gordinho

    You can try timberman on mobile.
    Its actually a fun game to play and with 4 players, it should be fun.

  12. Fractured Dream

    Oh definatrly DK country tropical freeze. Nd mahbey hyrule warrios idk.

  13. King Zekrom

    Where’s fortnite

  14. Aryan Chaudary

    I just want mega man and super smaah bros

  15. peterjs007

    The Chariot MUST go Up!!!!

  16. Akiva Sherin

    I play timber man

  17. mcq31mc

    Derby Owners Club: world edition?? Come on man

  18. Pancham Fern

    I’m getting splitter critters

  19. Melle Bos

    When will the DK dlc for Mario + Rabbids release?

  20. Twisted Soul

    As a canadian i cant wait for death road to canada, glad they delayed it though

  21. logicalfundy

    That Mahjong – that doesn't look like the tile matching Mahjong most people are familiar with. It looks like the real Mahjong that a lot of people aren't aware of. A Japanese variant, for sure, but probably similar in concept. FYI, the real Mahjong is actually more like Rummy and is not a tile matching game.

  22. Dominic Johnson


  23. David

    I Was waiting for battle chasers to release on the switch, but they just took to long and now lost my purchase. Hopefully these games can figure out how to release on time.

  24. Graciela Mayorga

    Nintendo is so stupid why did they remove dk tropical freeze for Wii U now I can’t play It and now I have to buy the one for switch-.-

  25. Emmanuel Do Memes

    So excited for runner 3

  26. Movies, Games and Fitness

    Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze for me.

  27. YukiJadenSurvives2

    Can you do these but exclude the Indies? Feel like it would be a 5 minute video.

  28. Squantle

    I can’t get excited for Runner 3 when it’s not far off Tropical Freeze

  29. Phills Lifestyle

    Mega man 🔥🔥🔥

  30. Flipdew

    Why would I buy Timber man when I’ve got the exact same game as a minigame in Kirby Star Allies?🤣

  31. toshironikko

    wizard of legend day 1 for me = wish it had online tho

  32. otap21

    Srsly nba mlb fifa and still no madden. Cmon nintendo give us some football /and im not even an american/

  33. Desharr Saddler

    I played Timberman in Superhot lmao so I guess I count

  34. David V

    Mario party switch, switch sports

  35. Glenvorn

    Really looking forward to Battle Chasers, and you guys have convinced me to buy Pixeljunk Monsters. Tempted to invest in Hyrule Warriors again as well.

  36. Itsyaboy 14

    Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze,

    Battle Chasers,

    Hyrule Warrior,

    Little Nightmares,

    Mega man Collections both

    Street Fighter Legacy Collection

    It’s a few others I want to but gotta watch the video again,

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