DayZ Xbox One Gameplay 1.04 Update Details Guide (PS4 Too!)

DayZ Xbox One Gameplay 1.04 Update Details Guide with small tips and tricks of what’s being changed.
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#DayZ #XboxOneX gameplay 2019 1.04 Update Details guide is shown here. With this open world survival zombie game that’s finally available on Xbox One, and Playstation 4 DayZ. This is one mighty experience bringing decent performance, but weird menu issues. It is Xbox One X Enhanced with a 4k resolution though no HDR support. This is the full zombie experience now on the console providing a really interesting set of updates and while there are hurdles, fresh content is constantly added to this ultimate survival zombie game. It really does bring that unique look at pvp action with others whether you’re being friendly or perhaps not at each other in this large scale world of DayZ Xbox One.




  1. Skycaptin5lol

    DayZ Xbox One Gameplay 1.04 Update Details Guide (PS4 Too!). Sorry this took so long, it's been one very long and somewhat stressful day haha. Great content to come on this, let me know what you want to see. The Patch Notes in written form: and the hub for more guides:

  2. broken maul

    Been living in the woods since update only met one person lmao, hate having to search towns.

  3. JutuRna Airsoft

    Why dont add they the AUG in dayz? If it’s on the pc Version

  4. Captain Valentine

    Nvg goggles don't toggle down with helmet or head attachment. Bummer

  5. Christian Cassidy

    Bro I’m not trying to be a bitch but Allah your information is completely wrong message me if you want all the things that aren’t working

  6. Marcello Marsicano

    Disinfect them rags yall

  7. ImFlyLikeRedBull

    Got myself a shotgun and a KA. Made it to the airfield
    Spawned damn near the airfield from "rollback" run for 10 min

  8. Padziorrr661 Blabla

    NVG dont work on helmets ehhhhhhh

  9. Jorge Morones

    I looked for dayz on PS4 and people say it’s not out yet. Do you know if this is true?

  10. ToXc Logic

    I’m very happy they added custom servers but I hope because of the price they add more options like spawn rates, spawn locations, weather and always day, what you spawn with, ect. But I’m very satisfied and grateful

  11. moto man chad

    Yea wolve packs spawn is crazy now

  12. faith mira

    How do I get my own server?

  13. stormtrooper616

    It's still lagging. Playing tonight it kept on stopping and starting. They seem to have made the combat against zombies a bit better if you've only fists. Killed three zombies by hand

  14. Iron Strong

    Lol saw a server reset… camped it and still took 20 minutes to get in while it said empty

  15. Iron Strong

    Man the devs r lame n got lucky with concept…. its a constant 2 steps forward 2 steps backwards every update… what i hate most is the shoes shit… thats not a feature we need rn anongst all the other broken n missings things

  16. Brothers in Arms

    The stuff that doesnt come off the zombies. I have a simple fix that does work. Just hold A or X on it and move it to your hand

  17. Antonio Embrey

    How do you start a private server?

  18. ZombieATAT

    To remove clothing that a zombie has equipped put in your hands first. You have to unequip it before you can equip.

  19. Aden Aesc

    I love that we got the update finally but shoes and feet ahhhhhhhhhhh

  20. phillip Lawson

    Can't drop items "just throw it.

  21. Bass Insider

    Not a big fan of this update at I’m highly disappointed we waited 4 months for this and yet the best thing I can say they did good was the throwing mechanic other then that there’s a whole bunch more bugs that need to get polished out before I would consider playing Dayz again (keep in mind this is all my opinion);)

  22. Ryan Pelletier

    Can you pick fruit yet? Also 130am and servers still jammed

  23. owl

    Why don’t you play in first person? better experience:))

  24. jimbo D

    So i have nvg attached to my tactical helmet…. how do i turn them on? Lol

  25. AKOOKING18

    It still runs like ass. It's slightly better than before. Latest model PS4 pro. Wouldn't recommend driving a car still. It's highly inconvenient and still lag like before

  26. ConradDubya

    Hey man what server are you playing on?

  27. JDM for life Initial d

    Hey bro when are you going to have your own server ?

  28. Satis Mentibus Obvia

    to take gear off zeds hold A on the item and use RB to drag it into your hands.
    it's the only way to take the gear off them atm.

  29. Toby Monster

    The community servers are so laggy they’re unplayable and there is like a 1 hour wait on the official servers

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